Lipstiq Summer Soiree Event

So, yesterday I went to the second installment of the Lipstiq events, The first one was back in March I think, the International Woman’s Event. I’ll link the post at the bottom of the page.
I got there pretty early, registration started at 3pm, I was already there by 3.10. Not many people yet, so I had time to walk around and take some pictures of the deco. It was actually my first time at PJ Hilton. The event was on the second floor, around the poolside.

The weather was so hot, I could feel my barely there makeup starting to melt.  T_T Armed myself with one of the mini fans provided, but still, OMG so warm.. +___+

People started trickling in slowly, by 4 plus I already saw a few people I recognize from the blogsphere, such as misssunshine Kelly, Amelie Yap with her flaming red hair and a few others, Also got to meet Carmen from the previous Lipstiq event. She looked so cute with her DIY floral headband. Surprisingly, I met Amelia Chiang who was my senior from UMT back in the day. small world na?


PJ Hilton poolside


my savior! the mini fan


event tentative

Started the event with a couple of quick words from the host, and a very yummy Sorella fashion show by the models from Amber Chia Modelling Agency.


sexy models!


wish I had that body. =(

Next thing up, an all natural demonstration by Bisou Bon Bon.


Bisou’s magic ingredients!

We had a mini Lucky Draw and some light food after that, but I was so hungry i forgot to take pictures of the food. *shy*
(Ill get them from Amelia soon and upload em here)

ANDDDD I won something in the lucky draw!!  Ironically, it was a skin whitening set thing and a bust enlargement set. (Do I really need it? hahahaha)

Anyways, the event didnt last too long, after the food and lucky draw, I was a little tired anyways, so I decided to head home. Before leaving, Lipstiq gave us goodie bags as well!! This goodie bag was awesome, at a first glance I saw the latest Vanity Trove beauty box and I was internally jumping for joy!!

I’ll post the unboxing in another post, but here are some more pictures from the event. I would definitely go for the next one!!!


Log on to their website for more info and cool articles!

Bye for now!


What are your thoughts? Drop a comment!

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