Peep Boutique 5th Anniversary Giveaway!

Hi my lovelies!
I am a big fan of online shopping, and I have been very lucky to have came across Peep Boutique. Now Peep is owned by this amazing girl called Wei Ni, and I have to say, the choices on her page are amazing, and not something you would expect when it comes to regular online shopping. Her items are as unique and funky as the owner herself! I’ve been shopping at Peep alot recently, and some of my recent purchases include their Denim Dungarees and Supre dresses!

Recently they have been celebrating their 5th anniversary by hosting a giveaway, and I was lucky enough to have been one of the winners! *insert squeal and shrieks here*
I just got the gift package yesterday and I must say, I am a HAPPY GIRL !!


The package comes nicely wrapped up in their signature paper, and inside them.





Some of the amazing things in the gift include a toga dress, in my size (how perfect), a SUPRE crop top, gift vouchers from Liquido &Badgestique as well as from Peep itself.
I love items from Supre, cause their material is oh so soft, and Peep imports them exclusively from Australia.

They’re still hosting the giveaway, and I do suggest all you girls to join and stand a chance to win, trust me, once you go Peep, you never go back!! All you have to do is be active on their page, and keep checking them out!!
Plus, they’re having mid season sales as well, and the items are running out fast, so go check them out before you’re too late! AND there is a OOTD contest going on as well, so if anyone of you have purchased something from Peep, here’s your chance to rock them clothes and win prizes up to RM500!!

Peep Giveaway:


That’s all for now lovelies!
I’m also hosting my own giveaway, so click on this link to win something amazing from me!
Shasha’s Giveaway:

Blog soon!

xoxo, Shasha

PS: here a sweet note she sent as well in the gift package!



What are your thoughts? Drop a comment!

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