Fashion Bazaar 2013

This weekend mainly consisted of shopping, eating and meeting fellow bloggers.
Last Saturday, I headed over to Bangsar for a mini fashion bazaar organized by a bunch of gorgeous ladies. The bazaar was located in the Cloudy Day Boutique, right around Jalan Telawi area, nearby Bangsar village mall.


The bloggers who organized the whole affair!

I went with Amelia, but I got there first, LOL. I always have a habit of showing up wayyy too early. Fashionably late entrances never apply in my case.
Anyway, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the owner of Cloudy Day Boutique, Ashley. Apparently the boutique has been around for three years now! They import most of their clothes from Korea, China and Hong Kong.

Luveluxe was also there, hosting a mini showcase as well. I spoke to Jean and Trisha from Luvelux and wow, their HANDMADE clothes are amazing!! Have a look below!


Handmade clutches!




Loveluxe showcase area

And obviously, the next step, SHOP! At the end of the day, my haul?
A dress, two jackets, a pair of leggings (I think F21 leggings), scalloped shorts and a handbag. And all for less that RM150. Yay bargains!


Chawons collection!

Do you see the epure masks in the jar? I am SO getting them, the reviews are amazing!!


Charis setting up!


Coach bags. OMG

After shopping, photo time!


Chawon and Chenelle


who can resist such a big mirror?

All in all, it was a good day ❤ Me and Amelia got up to a couple of other things as well after, but that’s another story!

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