My 5 issues about Hair!!

Hey lovelies! A little introduction about my hair. Yes my hair gets a whole paragraph to itself.

I have fine hair on my head, and it isn’t very thick either. I have no dandruff issues, but I’ve got oily scalp problems. And it seems like I have a minor bald spot going on where I part my hair.

Now my 5 issues with my hair:

  1. I have massive hair fall and I’m freaking out. I mean ALOT. I know generally we shed about 50-60 hairs a day, but I’ve totaled up the hair that falls off my head and sometimes its waayy more! (I’ve calculated you see, so that’s how concerned I am) I just have to run my hair through my head and I have at least 4-5 strands on my fingers. And I am probably at a loss on what to do now. I have considered my options if I were to be bald someday, and I’d rather die. Not being melodramatic here, but I love my hair.
  2. Oily scalp.Major ewww factor. My remedy is to wash it every other day. I’ve heard that the longer you don’t wash your hair, the less greasy it becomes? Well, Robert Pattinson, you’re doing it right! I probably don’t have that option, I have to go to work, look all clean and presentable, and I don’t want to gross out my colleagues, plus I can’t wear a hat to work either. hmmm. maybe i’ll should start wearing a scarf to work and call myself Nur Shasha. For now,ill stick to washing my hair every 2 days.
  3. I have a bald spot. This is honestly my fault. I part my hair in the exact same place and I’ve been doing it for what, 23 years now? So I have a itsy bitsy teeny weeny bald spot. My current solutions include changing my parts and consequently having different looks every day. Yay for bald spots. And having fringes or bangs.  That should hide the issue temporarily.
  4. Yun Nam hair care. or any of its equivalents. I’ve been to YN a couple of years back, since my hair issues have been long present, and I have to say, it does work. My hair did stop falling out and looked healthier.But my gripe is obviously the fact that it is so freaking effing expensive. Its like 200 bucks every time you go in for a hair treatment, and its 4 times a week. That’s almost a 1000 bucks a month. I cant afford that. Helll nope! NO one got time for dat!
  5. And lastly, I cant grow out my hair. People have always asked me how come I never keep my hair all long and snakey like most Indian girls. Well I have two answers for that. First. I am not most Indian girls. Secondly, I cant grow out my hair because after a certain length, I think after it reaches my shoulder blades, It kind of stops growing. I trim it, in hopes of another measly inch, but no, nothing. And long hair causes more hair to fall out, which as you know, I am trying to avoid.

I envy a lot of girls out there who have hair that’s long, and thick and healthy and they can colour it, perm it and do all kinds of crap to it and still have lovely hair. I’ve considered extensions, but I think my weak scalp would not be able to support the weight of extensions. I don’t know. For now, I’m going to just eat healthy, drink a lot of water, and try my best to not comb my hair.


How I envision my hair to be.Someday


If any of you have any ideas, tips, or any remedies for above mentioned issues, do drop a comment and help me save my hair!


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7 thoughts on “My 5 issues about Hair!!

  1. If you ever find a remedy for this.. do let me know…!!! 😦 We might someday be shopping for hats together if this goes on!

  2. Hi, I’ve got all your problems. (well, used to) but i’ve got some tips and tricks that worked for me and i have tested and trialed for the past few years. Firstly, some of the tips and tricks may work for me but might not work miraculously for you as everybody reacts differently.

    1) Firstly, you need to find out if your hair fall is from hair breakage or falling off from the roots. Do you comb your hair or run your fingers through your hair while it is wet? If you are, that is the number one main cause. Wet hair is at the most fragile, so combing it will breakit or causing it to fall from roots when tugged or pulled, so ONLY come at dry hair (my tip: after shower, blow then only comb). and get a tangled teezer. be gentle when you comb. Secondly, get a detangler spray, it helps too.

    2) Change your shampoo. Get a shampoo that aims for oily scalp or dandruff, or any shampoo that contains zinc or sacrylic acid. Second tip, lather and shampoo ONLY at roots. leave in for a few minutes before rinsing it, let the foam and shampoo absorb and work in your scalp. Second tip, deep cleanse (meaning shampoo twice) a week. (Extra tip, only put conditioner and hair treatment at tips. test and trial which conditioner gives you the better effect. You want something that is soft but not super amazing smooth. If it is super amazing smooth, means there is too much oil and then you would need to wash the next day. Hair oil is naturally produced everyday, so to keep it clean, keep it fresh and not too heavy)

    3) thumbs of for changing sides, extra tip use a volume spray, or root lift. OR blow dry your hair upwards.

    4) Try getting Nioxin. better solution for YN.

    5) control your oil and your hair fall, you’d start growing faster. 🙂

    Hope my tips helps and sorry for the long comment.

    • omg Gwen, Thanks so much for the tips, I’m definitely going to start on this immediately! And I really appreciate the long comment, there’s so much information in your comments =) ❤ Do keep following my blog, I really appreciate your support!

  3. Hi, I’ve had a major hair fall out last year due to stress (mostly) and from tugging or running my hand constantly through my hair when I get stressed.

    I tried using Loreal Power Shot every forthnight for a few month and my hair became stronger and stopped falling out by the handful. My hair also had less split ends and less breakage. Hope it works for you

    • Yeah, I run my fingers through my hair a lot too, maybe that’s another reason why I have massive hair fall. Loreal Power Shot? I’ve honestly never checked that treatment out.. can you let me know where I can find that in Malaysia?

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