Face Shop Cleansing Cream Review

Hello lovelies!

The product for review today? The Face Shop Herb Day 5 Combined Cereal Cleansing Cream.


I usually use this product only on the days where I have heavy make up on my face,  which isn’t always. most of the time, I’ll just use my Maybelline make-up remover. This product works amazing in removing all those heavy foundations, concealer and powder you’ve got on.

This is how it looks:

Its a heavy cream, much like the texture of body lotion, also quite oily as well, and pretty simple to use.It smells very fresh and creamy, if you get what I mean. I usually just rub a penny sized dollop using my fingers all over my face and it cleans off all the make-up.
If you don’t want the mess of an oily lotion all over your hands, you can always use cotton pads. One problem I have with this is that it does sting a lot if it goes near your eyes, so I wouldn’t recommend this to clean your eye makeup. So BEWARE.

Just rub this on all over your face for about one minute, or you can leave it on longer if you want, then wipe off with cotton pad, or wash straight away with your cleanser if you’re lazy and impatient like me =P…. It leaves your face really soft, moisturized and smelling nice afterwards. I have acne prone skin, and even though this product is super oily and moisturizing, it doesn’t affect my skin at all! A definite win for me!!

I do love this product a lot and will definitely continue to use it. It comes in a 150g jar and it lasts like forever since you only need to use a little each time. It retails for about RM26 plus I think, and lasts for about six months, so it really is a worth it buy.

Sometimes I use this on my hands as well just for the extra moisturized feel, what I do is just lather it all over my hands and wrap my hands in a pair of plastic gloves and just let it sit for like 15-20 minutes.If you add heat, it works better I’ve noticed. Just dip your gloved hands in a bowl of warm water and let it sit. Your hands and nails will feel really good after. Trust me =D

This product is available in all Face Shop stores nationwide in Malaysia!

That’s all from me for now lovelies, do drop me a comment to share your thoughts, ideas or even just to say hi to me!
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5 thoughts on “Face Shop Cleansing Cream Review

  1. Great review! I tried this out when I was at the Face Shop not long ago and thought it was too heavy for my acne-prone skin but seeing it worked on you I’m wondering if I should’ve given it a shot. Thanks for sharing! x

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