Luxola de-stressing kit. SOS (Save our skins)

Hi lovelies!

So lets talk stress. We’re modern young girls, all leading super busy, and trying really hard to succeed in whatever it is that we’re doing. Right? So we’re mentally and physically stressed to the max!  Add in the environmental factors like sun damage and what not, and we have ourselves BIG trouble. Plus some of us don’t even get enough beauty sleep *gasp* What happens to us next?

Stress causes acne, dry skin, patchy skin. Seriously, stress does so many thing to you I don’t even wanna get into it.  But this is probably how your skin feels after a stressful week.


Thankfully Luxola is here to save our skins, literally!  They have launched a kit specifically for us stressed souls, containing a sweet smelling scent and an amazing mask for your skin. Plus Size Kitten is giving away two kits for two lucky bloggers, and I hope to be one of them!!  Lets get down to the review ladies!
In the De-stress kit, this is what you’ll be seeing.


Lets have a quick review of the products shall we?

Product 1: The Mor Emporium Candle Lychee Flower
As you can see, it is a dark , almost black in colour candle, and the glass is wrapped in 17th century inspired art and gilded with 24 carat gold. The scent of the candle itself sounds so good.  It has sweet lychee flowers, ripe berries, soft powdery florals and a slight hint of forest wood. Sound like the perfect summery autumny scent!!  Some of the product highlights include:

  1. Soy wax for a cleaner burn
  2. Longer burn time, up to 40 hours
  3. 24 carat gold decal
  4. 100% cotton, lead free wick

And guess what? Its out of stock on the website! =( Thats why I need this Tammy!!
It retails for RM131.50, and weighs 184 g. See the packaging? So pretty!!!


Product 2: Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask


Now this is definite winner in my eyes! Voted Harper Bazaars Hot 100 item, its a must have for any product lover! Well what is then? Its a  resurfacing mask that acts as a powerful mini-peel to leave the complexion visibly more glowy and radiant. So you can have a mini facial for yourself a home, DIY for the win! Some of the contents if the mask is 15% Glycolic Acid that helps exfoliates dead skin cells, and show off the beautiful skin you’ve got as well as Manuka Honey, Lavender and Vitamin E to hydrate and plump the fresh new cells that will appear after the whole exfoliation, peel process!

Why do I need this? I have very sad looking skin =(  I want something that will make me look amazing all over again! I feel amazing on the inside, so I need to look like it as well no?

It retails for RM198.50 for 100ml and this product is still available on Luxola!!

Separately, these are amazing products, but combine them, and you’ve got your own spa at home!! If I manage to win this product, expect to see me looking all relaxed, and fantastic soon! ❤

How would I use them?


Hmmm, turn on some light classical music, like Claire de Lune, turn down all the lights at home, light up the Mor Lychee Candle, and just bask in the soft glow of it, cleanse my face, put on the Gold mask, and just imagine I was some beach somewhere in a tropical Mediterranean Island and let all my stresses melt away like the candle. Lastly I’ll have a glass of nice fruit juice after my spa day at home to refresh my body! OMG sounds like heaven!

Now I really wanna use this products after writing so much about em!!! Luxola and Tammy, Pick me!!  And just to show you how much I need this product, here’s my super stressed face!!!


Thats all from me for now lovelies, drop me a comment to share your thoughts, ideas or even just to say hi to me!
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