amazing finds!

Hello  lovelies!

I was randomly on 9gag, as usual, wading through the cat images, scumbag Stacy memes and came across this amazing picture.

Now, if you guys know anything about me, I am in love with everything Potter related. I know every dialogue on the movie, every chapter on the books, and I can tell you I have memorized every snappy retort Hermione has to say.  And I have always wondered what Butterbeer tastes like.
We don’t have the Harry Potter theme parks here in Malaysia, so I think the recipe above comes as close as it goes!
The picture is from and when I saw the image above, obviously I had to check out who this dude was.  Apparently he is a singer, actor and a youtuber as well. Talk about multi talented.
Stalked his facebook page for a little while, and decided that hmm, ill write about him.

Check out his links below. I’ve watched some of his videos, and I must say I love them. I’ve subscribed, have you?


That’s all from me for now lovelies, do drop me a comment to share your thoughts, ideas or even just to say hi to me!
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