Brows 101

Hello my lovelies!

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a love hate relationship with my brows. I have sporadically tweezed, trimmed and threaded them over the years. Sometimes I grow them out to avoid patches, since I’ve heard that if you tweeze too much, you end up looking like this.


But honestly, brows are best left to professionals. And so my brow journey begins.

I’ve been to the Shu Uemura Brow bar, and I love the service there.The girls are sweet, they explain in detail how the end result should like, so you know whats gonna be happening on your brows. And I had lovely eyebrows after the whole session with them.  The whole threading process want too painful either, so I was quite pleased with their service.

The best person to meet to have your eyebrows shaped would be  Lisa Yap as she is the Shu Uemura International Accredited Artist and Brow Stylist in Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur. Their price ranges from RM30-RM50 for the brow shaping services. Which is kinda pricey for myself, but if you manage to maintain your brows until your next session, it should be worth the price.


I’ve also been to Brickfields, which is a haven for threading services. One of the places which I always frequent to get my eyebrows done would be Vaani’s right in the middle of Brickfields. I think its beside Bombay Point or something, but you’ll see the huge sign board anyways. Service wise, they aren’t too particularly friendly, and when I went there a couple of times, I honestly wasn’t too happy with the way they treated their customers. Brow wise, they do a good job, and I’m usually happy with the way my brows look after. Their prices for a simple brow threading is about RM10-RM15.


Shu Uemura: 

Pros: Awesome service, nice environment, friendly and helpful staff.
Cons: Pricey


Brows are done perfectly, environment is okay, (they don’t let men into their store, so all the boyfs have to wait outside. That’s a little annoying really, personally, hence why i gave them an okay), Price is super reasonable.
Cons: Not so friendly and helpful staff.

My choice? I’d go to Shu Uemura if I had the extra cash to splurge on my brows. Service does matter, and that’s probably the only thing that will allow a business to retain its customers.

Thats some of my thoughts for now. Drop me a comment to share your thoughts, ideas or even just to say hi to me!
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