Review! Today’s pick? Deeper Than Fashion

Hello gorgeous people,

How are you girls doing? Today I’m  gonna do a quick review of Deeper Than Fashion (DTF)! On to the review!!


DTF is an online boutique owned by one Harmini Asokumar, a very talented and gorgeous girl! Ill insert a picture of her at the end of the post =P She is a young designer who designs her own items, which mainly consist of amazingly one of a kind dreamcatchers! And once in a while, you get to understand the sense of her style when she handpicks dresses, tops and even clutches more recently!

There’s so many online boutiques selling the same things, you may think. Think again!
Here are pictures of her amazing creations!

Plus points? Most of her creations are custom made and limited edition, so no one else will be wearing something similar..! And as you can see, the dream catchers are unique and colourful.. AND they are all handmade by Harmini herself. Amazing no? The dream catchers can be worn as necklaces, earrings. or even as decoration pieces. I myself have one in the car, some hanging off my window, and ALOT more that are worn as accessories! Some of my own pieces from her include:




Honestly, my photos don’t do her creations justice. But I own a lot of pieces from her, having been her customer for over 3 years now!

Sometimes, her designs are released in themes, such as the Mermaid Collection, Earth Goddess Collection and Tribal Collection.Her Mermaid Collection is actually my favourite, and I have 2 dream catchers from that collection!
On top of making and selling her designs, she is also posts up DIY ideas, beauty tips and tutorials on her website as well..
Here are more pictures of her designs!


317968_495494703836720_946087928_n 522228_452971041422420_1281233337_n





AND here is the owner herself!!


Picture from DTF Facebook page. Photo by EYE MODELS-Professionals

You can look the online shop up at:

or contact Harmini at
All picture credits above are from the DTF Facebook page.

PS: She is participating in the Markets Bazaar happening this 28th September at Jaya One, PJ! Go have a look at her designs and meet the owner herself! Trust me, she’s super sweet and nice!! ❤ I’ll be at the bazaar as well!

That’s all for now I suppose! Drop me a comment to share your thoughts, ideas or even just to say hi to me!
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4 thoughts on “Review! Today’s pick? Deeper Than Fashion

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  2. The dream catcher!
    The products – beautiful.
    The creator – beauty.

    *Side note: You might want to edit the date of the event.
    Ammended to:
    Markets @ Jaya One this 5th of October

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