A weekend by the causeway.

Hello people!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Where did you go? With whom? LOL. Stalker much Shasha? Anyways, hope y’all had a good one! Me? I went shopping! As usual =D

I spent my weekend at JPO, aka Johor Premium Outlets!

WOW! The experience is amazing! Left, right, up, down, it was all luxury brands, BUT WITH AWESOME SALES!!!! OMG!

Brands in the house include Adidas, Armani, Burberry, Canali, Coach, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gap, Guess, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Nike, Oroton, Polo Ralph Lauren,Salvatore Ferragamo, Tumi and more..

Me and the boyf was like *jaw drop*. It was our first time there, so forgive our clueless-ness. =P I automatically headed to Victoria’s Secret and La Senza, and I had to dragggg the boyf to follow! =___=

They were having some super amazing price cuts for almost all lingerie and undergarments, PLUS, Victoria’s Secrets bath and body products were going at cheap prices, like 3 bottles of anything for RM120!  Needless to say, I burnt a VERY big hole in my pocket this weekend!


Guess what, the Vincci there had shoes going for like RM20 a pair and the Vincci was empty, hahaaha. What a surprise! Most Vincci outlets are usually packed with people and you cant even try anything on for fear of being trampled to death! I had a n amazing time happily trying out many, many, many pairs of shoes. The other half decided to have a seat in the corner with the other husbands and play Subway Surfer. LOL. Poor thing!

I also got myself a bikini from Cotton On to wear during this weekend Pink N Proper’s Pool Party!  And yes, it was on sale.
But one thing really, there isn’t many places for food, except the food court, where the food isn’t really so good anyway. I had Claypot Chicken Rice, and it was so salty. The boyf had Chicken Spaghetti which tasted like spaghetti with carrot sauce. Yuck.

Apart from that,the only thing I’d advise you guys to do is to take your time to shop. There’s a lot of choices here, and luxury brands being luxury brands, they do tend to get pretty pricey, which is why I didn’t even go into Coach even though I was screaming on the inside. +________+


Anyway, here are more pictures of JPO.
Pictures credit to google.


The food court.


It really is a beautiful place. Right?

Johor Premium Outlet Mall 1_1
My haul from JPO?? Body products from VS and thats my new bikini down there!!
The tribal and colourful looking one! Ill be wearing it for my Pool Party soon!



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3 thoughts on “A weekend by the causeway.

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit this place! Sadly it’s too far and Johor is famous for its crime rate which makes me skeptical in travelling to there T.T

    • Hi Ken! I know what you mean!! =D
      This is actually my first time in Johor, and I was very worried about the crime rate as well.. I’d suggest for you to travel in groups, instead of going alone! Hope you do visit Johor soon, its a lovely place =)

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