Pink N Proper Pool Party!!

Hello awesomesauces!

How was your weekend? I hope it was as fun filled as mine!

I attended the Pink N Proper Pool Party at Aloft in Kl Sentral, and the party was SO much fun!  Check out some pictures from the event!












The event was held in partnership with China Glaze, Vanity Trove and Corona. So we had a amazing nail polishes, as you can see, Exclusive Trove boxes, and free beer! The event started off by the host Aidan introducing the whole event, welcoming everyone, and getting us started with a few Q&A’s where we can win freebies and gift bags! I didn’t manage to win anything


Then was a quick Beauty Hunt, where we had to look for a few things! See?



So me, Dee, and Cindy Tong from Cindy’s Planet teamed up to look for all the stuff, but again, no luck. I NO WIN =(
We had time to selfie afterwards!



AFTER, we had a fashion show from Pink n Propers new bikini line! We had gorgeous ladies walking up and down in oh so sexy bikini’s and it was amazing!








Had a chance to meet Josh from Advertlets as well. Awesome guy. OMG my tummy can be seen in the pic. whatever. must go and exercise now.


me and josh


All in all, it was a good event, I had lotsa fun, I met a lot of new friends, and I went home with my own trove! I’ll be doing an unboxing REALLY soon!

Nayways people, here are more random snaps, and thats all for now!! Oh yeah, drop your comments, like or anything okay! And i update here as well. So click click away!

pink n proper bikinis

pink n proper bikinis


aloft potion! nyum

aloft potion! nyum





random shot by dee

random shot by dee

candid shot of dee

china glaze shot glasses!  *nails from Elianto's new neon range

china glaze shot glasses!
*nails from Elianto’s new neon range






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