Finding your perfect job at Joblogy!

Hello awesomesauces!!

Let’s talk a little about career paths and jobs. Myself, right now I’m working full time, on top of that now I’m blogging as well, so it’s pretty busy trying to balance everything out. This is my second real job, and I’ve had other little part time jobs I was doing back when I was still in school.

But not so long ago, I was a student as well, looking for my first job, and I had no idea where to start, who to talk to, and what to do. Honestly, it was a nightmare. I spent hours and hours on the internet, looking for full time jobs, part time jobs, even considering internships to start off. Even until today I always browse job websites to see what other opportunities are out there. Hey, just cause I got a job now doesn’t mean I have to do it forever no?

But just recently though, I came across this website, and OMGG I wish I found this website earlier, cause it would’ve saved me shitloads of time, instead of me browsing through Jobstreet  or whatever. So this is how the website looks like, and I think its super cute!

Capture1 (2)

What attracted me at first wasn’t even the website, but that cute lil monster up there! Looks like the girl version of Mike from Monsters Inc!!



Gahh, so cute! Anyone know where I can find a plush toy that looks like this???

Anyway, back to the website, sorry monsters distract me very easily. *thousand apologies*

The website is pretty straight forward, you can either search for jobs, or you can search for people. This makes it easy for potential employers to headhunt, or we can be proactive, and search for suitable jobs!

Employer or employee?

Employer or employee?

I logged in via Facebook, that was the simplest for me, or you can sign up and create an account to register yourself with Joblogy.

Once you have logged in, you can start your search! You can sort your search by location, and by types of jobs you’re interested in. For example, I searched for jobs in Kuala Lumpur, and this is what I got. Plus, you can search for jobs according to distance! I chose within 10 km radius so that I don’t have to drive and can take public transport for work! #going green. Plus I can wake up late and take my own sweet time to get ready. See the benefits of living close to your job?

Job list -

Once you can see all the jobs offered, just click on the job, or company that you’re interested in, and voila, this is what you get! Here I searched for writing jobs, and I landed on this company’s profile. Pretty simple I think, right?

A writing compnay

A writing company

I also checked out programming jobs as well, just to see what other types of companies are available! Not too bad!

Programming jobs!

Programming jobs!

One of the interesting things about the site, is you can see which friends of yours have used this site before. #STALKER MODE.

Apart from full time jobs, the site also offers part time jobs, internships and even contract jobs! Something for everyone!

Another thing about the company is that also operate and recently Joblogy and their home tuition has even expanded to India too.  PS: They’re also looking for tutors for home tuition teachers in India, so if you ever considered trying to work in a different country, teaching, why not try?

A couple of things I think that could be improved would probably be the speed the site loads, cause it’s a little slow for me personally *impatient*, and that more jobs could be posted on the site. Nevertheless, the site is currently in Beta mode, so I’d give them some time, and soon they’d be Jobstreets rival!

So quickly go check out the jobs they have there before all the great jobs are taken!
Me? I’m gonna check out that writer position. *it looks super interesting. hoping current employer no see this.*

Check them out at:

Website :
Twitter : @joblogydotcom


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