The Killers Concert 2013!


I just saw The Killers less than 24 hours ago and I’m still excited and hyper from their concert!!! They are one of my favourite bands, and it was such an opportunity to go to their concert!! My friend Dee got complementary tickets from Astro worth RM238, and I was lucky enough to go with her!


me! OOTD :top and boots H&M. Denim shorts SEED

They started  out with Mr.Brightside, and this is probably the one song that I know ALL the lyrics to, and the crowd just went wild!!
One weird thing they did was saying Apa Khabar Malaysia, Saya Mat Rempit. da eff. i’ll find the person who taught them that. And kill them.





I couldn’t really take much pictures since I was kinda busy enjoying the music! But this was their set list, and I had fun. Nuff said! My ULTIMATE favourites on the list is probably No 3.4,13,17 and 18!


I wish the concert never ended! They’re super talented and the lead vocalist, *drool*. THANK YOU DEE.#LOVEYOUFOREVER

me and dee!!!

me and dee!!!

Please do ignore our sweaty faces. We were so hot and tired after all the dancing we did!

Anyway, did you guys go?? Drop a comment if you went to any concerts recently, or are going to one soon! Or just say hi okay! And dont forget to click here to win yourselves an awesome prize from me!




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