Find The One: Foundation Edition!

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. Its creates the perfect canvas for your make up, it can give you that near perfect complexion you’ve always wanted, but lets face it, its a real pain to find the right kind of foundation for your skin. There’s a couple of things you would need to take into consideration before buying any kind of foundation. 

  • Skin type: Oily, Dry, Combination, Acne prone?
  • Coverage: Full coverage, Medium, Light, Dewy?
  • Skin shades and Undertones: Dark skin, Light skin, Brown skin?
  • Type of foundation: Foam, Mineral, Tinted, Liquid, Powder, Creams, Sticks?
  • Budget: You can go for the drugstore brands, or you can go for the high end ones, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re happy with the end result. But don’t skimp and buy a RM5 one okay, I mean, you’re putting it on your face to look good na?

General Foundation Info:

Skin types matter when picking foundations. If you have oily, sensitive, or acne prone skin, mineral foundations would be the best. Skip anything that contains silicones, because that will trigger more acne. One product worth mentioning is the Bare Minerals Ready SPF 20 one. It works wonders for oily skin, but if you have dry skin, don’t go near powder/mineral foundations! It will make your face look cakey and even drier. Go for foundations that have glycerin in them, they will give you that nice smooth look. Combination skin usually can take most types, but you might have to mix and match different types of foundation.

Coverage is also something worth talking about. If its a foundation for daily use you’re looking for, then you can go for BB Creams, since they are quick and easy, and they’re pretty light on coverage. But BB creams contain a whole lot of silicone, so those of you who are acne prone, skip this. Or if you would want full coverage, try liquids foundations, you can pile them on layer by layer until you get the coverage you desire. For a dewy, natural look, foams and mousses work perfect, since they’re light, and blends easily onto skin.

Skin shades are  the trickiest part for myself. Brown and dark skin cant use too light a colour, or we’ll look like Twilight Vampires. Bobbi Brown carries a whole range of shades for us coloured ladies, or if its a drugstore brand you’re wanting, try the Loreal Paris True Match Range. They’ve got like 33 colours to choose from!  Undertones are also important to check what type of tone your skin actually is. You determine your undertones by holding up a white piece of paper next to your face; it will help show the undertones more clearly and you’ll be able to see if you’re a yellow tone or pink tone since most foundations come in those two tones anyway. Unless you’re really fair, anything with pink undertones is not going to work. For something more natural looking, a yellow-based foundation is likely to be a flattering choice, since most skin has yellow undertones.

Budgets. Personally if I find a foundation that I like and its a high end one, I try to save up for it, and meanwhile look for a drugstore dupe. There’s always a dupe out there just waiting to be discovered. Maybelline and Loreal are famous for having dupes similar to M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier or even Dior.


Once you’ve determined which criterias matter most to you, lets go shopping for foundations!
I’m going to start with an example of my own to make it easier. I have combination skin, I prefer a medium coverage that I can use daily, my skin shade is dark brown with yellow undertones, and I like using creams, foams and liquid foundations.

When you’re out shopping for foundations, here’s another thing to remember. Go shopping with a bare face.
I know, bare faced outside??
NOO WAYY! But trust me, this will be the only way to get the right foundation shade for yourself. Look for a foundation that meets all your criteria, and if you’re not sure, ask the consultant for more information. They know the products better. But also beware, don’t let the consultant talk you into buying the wrong type of foundation,

ALWAYS ALWAYS decide for yourself. Picking the right foundation is like picking a husband, if you choose the wrong one, you’re gonna look like a fool.

  • Once you think you have the right type of foundation, test it on your chest or decollete area. See if it blends in, and gives you the coverage you like.
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes to sink in because sometimes as a foundation settles, the shade will oxidize and turn darker. If it passes all that tests, apply some on your forehead or cheeks, just a bit. (Carry cleansing wipes to remove the foundation later)
  • Check how it looks under different lights. Most stores have bright florescent lights, and will make you look FAB, but most of the time, we aren’t under bright light are we?
  • Check the colour under natural light, if you have to leave the store and walk around for a bit, go ahead, you can always come back and get it if you love the product right?

And girls, it will take a lot of trying, surveying, testing and sampling to find the right one. Don’t be discouraged, its a tedious process, keep looking, cause once you find the ONE, you’ll look like a star!



I hope this answers some of your questions about foundation shopping, ladies. PS: I’m not a make up guru, just a regular girl, sharing my experiences and tips so you girls can make informed choices. =)
Drop me a comment if you have any additional questions, or would like to share your personal favourites! Also, if you wanna say hi!



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