24 candles.

This isn’t a proper blog post, just a short reflection of the year and how much life has changed. Wrote this on my birthday, but I’m only posting it up now. *self absorbed post coming ahead*

So today I turn 24, and it has been a good year so far. I started a new job, it isn’t what I wanted to be doing with my life, but apparently I’m pretty good at it, so why not? I started blogging as well, and that is something that I really love doing, and its been giving me immensely awesome opportunities to meet people and go places. 

I’ve met so many people,nice ones, awesome ones, and some douchebags as well.  

I’ve got my own place, and yes I live by myself. I like my privacy.

Soon enough i’ll be a quarter century old. *OH GOD THE HORROR* 

I haven’t achieved much yet, I know. The amount of successful people around me overwhelms me sometimes, and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be a someone. As of right now, I’m happy with how my life has turned out. I have money to shop *my only therapy* , eat, travel. And I have good people around me. I have family, good friends. 

Some plans I have for the next year before hitting 25?

Getting a car, a home ? *paid fully for by yours truly, not by my parents. I don’t roll that way.* 
Start doing Youtube videos.
Get a new job, doing something I absolutely have passion for, but is able to pay the bills as well.
Grow wiser, get braces, get a husband? LOL.
Work on my career path, seems like life is taking me on many paths, I have to decide on one.

What are your thoughts on turning older and hopefully wiser? Drop a line,a comment, a like, anything =D

some of the good things recently =)

some of the good things recently =)



5 thoughts on “24 candles.

  1. You’ll definitely get there someday babe! slowly but surely! Don’t lose sight of those dreams ❤ I have a lot I want to achieve too! and co-incidentally , I also want to get a job I love and am passionate about and not just work to work. Slowly, but surely ! <3<3<3

  2. Happy Birthday.
    Defined simply by my Papa as a day that you are Happy.
    Why? I asked. To which he amusingly replied, “everyday that you are happy, you grow happy, you grow older every day don’t you think so?”
    As a kid, I thought this fella is just messing my mind. Being older now, it make sense!

    So Happy Birthday & it’s good know lil’bits of you.
    Will def. get to know you better thru time.
    And, totally agree wth you on the world of blogging & hehe douchebag LOL

    • Hey hun =)
      Thanks for the wishes! Your Papa sounds like a wise man =D Listen to him more. haha
      Looking forward to get to know you too hun! Follow me on facebook or twitter to connect more often with me kay =)

      • Already did! It’s me, Vera Soo = Jots Dots = viaversavibes 😀
        I had multiple identity disorder! hahaha.. too many accounts. I used to hv active blogs before work got the best of me. So some accounts doesn’t recognize the new ones :S

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