Vanity Trove: Lierac Paris Edition

Unboxing time awesomesauces!

Now, anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am a big fan of beauty boxes! I’ve tried Mivva, Lilac Box, Wonderbox, and a couple of different ones. The beauty box concept in Malaysia is relatively new, whereas overseas, they have jewellery boxes and even clothes boxes, like Bauble Bar, Jewel Mint and Style Mint.  Since Vanity Trove started the personalized trove concept, I’ve been hooked to Vanity Trove, and recently when I attended the PinkNProper Pool Party, I got myself the Lierac Edition one!

I’ve heard so many good things about the Lierac Luminescence Serum, and when I saw that it was one of the products i the box, I was like GAHHHHHH!!!!

Here we go!

The Lierac Box

The Lierac Box

And these are the items in the box, altogether 6 products.

The products!

The products!

Lets have a look at the items okay!

Number 1: Lierac Luminescence Serum – Illuminating Serum Complexion Corrector
RM298 for 30ml / RM79.5 for 8ml

Number 1

Number 1

This iridescent milky serum is capable of acting simultaneously deep down and on the surface to visibly reduce the appearance of all minor skin flaws (redness, dark spots, uneven skin texture, etc.), instantly enhance the beauty of the complexion and restore skin luminosity. Helps reactivate light reflection, diminishes the appearance of pigment spots and redness, helps refine the skin’s texture, smoothes and evens out the skin.

Number 2:  Lierac Gentle Cleanser – Micellar Cleansing Water for Face & Eyes
RM95 for 200ml / RM23.75 for 50ml

Number 2

Number 2

Recommended for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Detoxifying.Oxygenating.Hydrating. The Gentle Cleanser is enriched with Mallow Extract, an emollient to soothe and soften skin. LIERAC Écoskin complex preserves the skin’s cutaneous ecosystem and stimulates the skin’s natural defences while Linseed Extract ‘s vaso-protecting and detoxifying properties provides ideal cleansing even for sensitive skin types. The added benefit of Vitamin B5 encourages eye lash growth.

Number 3:  Lierac Premium Complete Anti-Aging Serum
RM500 for 30ml / RM166.7 for 10ml

Number 3

Number 3

Corrects all signs of aging. Reactive cellular regeneration processes. Prolongs skin youth. Microspheres containing patented protective and regenerative plant DNA: New generation areas and plant allowing release into the heart of the active cell repair and anti-oxidants that protect and repair DNA.This concentrate of effectiveness helps correct the appearance of all visible signs of skin aging thanks to its protecting and repairing action on DNA. 

Number 4:  Lierac Coherence Day & Night Cream
RM300 for 50ml/RM90 for 15ml


Number 4

Corrects the wrinkles and firms up the skin.It contains 4% of collagen III accelerating vectors, and hyaluronic Acid with recognized anti-wrinkles and filling properties.Vitamins C, E, B5 and B6 tone and firm up the skin, and the nourishing protective and anti-dehydrating complex brings hydration and suppleness.The skin is firmed up, wrinkles are reduced.

Number 5:  Lierac Sensory Water Gel With 3 Flowers
RM78 for 150ml / RM15.6 for 30ml

Number 5

Number 5

A translucent shower gel that transform into a lightweight foam upon contact with water. The combination of 3 White Flowers, Glycerine and a botanical origin and soap-free cleansing base with physiological pH offeres ultra gentle cleansing and ideally soft and hydrated skin. This shower gel also neutralizes calcium, chloride and salt to further prevent any drying effect. Skin feels clean, soft and supple.Contains Gardenia, Camelia, and Jasmine extracts.

Number 6:  Lierac Bust Lift Massage Cream
RM170 for 75ml / RM34 for 15ml

Number 6

Number 6

Contains Hazelnut Oligopeptides to restructure the bust’s shape with a collagen boosting action, while Japanese Mandarin Orange extract reduces and prevents the appearance of brown spots. Bust and décolleté gets firmer, smoother and looks more youthful.

Personal Commments:

For RM 409.55 worth of products in one box, this box retails for RM120. A cost efficient buy for sure, since Lierac seems to be one of those premium brands. Most of the products are anti aging products except for the shower gel and cleansing water, so if your main concern is anti aging, this would definitely be for you! On top of that, this makes a great gift for the older women in your life.

For myself, I think anti aging starts in your youth itself, so I’m gonna be using these products to fight wrinkles and the whole aging shebang!  The Coherence Night Cream seems to be doing amazing things for my skin, and I’ve even gotten compliments since using it.

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