Allianz 1942 Halloween Event!

Hey awesomesauces!

OCTOBER is my ultimate favourite month in the whole year!!I WHY???

Its PinkOctober, autumn (my favourite season), Oktoberfest and its also the month for Halloween!

In conjunction with Halloween, Allianz Malaysia is organizing  an exclusive Halloween Party that is not to be missed for all us bloggers! But if you’re not a blogger, fret not, read till the end to find out how you can score a pair of tickets as well to this event!

Here are the deets:

Allianz Halloween Event Invitation

Allianz Halloween Event Invitation

Important info for the event:

Date: 31/10/13
Time: 6pm (PS: FREE FLOW STARTS AT 6!)
Venue: Renoma Café Gallery, Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, KL (Its near the Prince Court Hospital)
Dress code: Costumes are a must! So start picking your look!
Megan Tan from 8tv will be hosting the event, and if you don’t know who she is, check her out here. Just so you know, she’s super hot and gorgeous! Take note boys!
Megan Tan

Megan Tan

Any one of you bloggers would want to attend this event, and you definitely should, do RVSP by getting into contact with Vivien at or at 012-5765633!

Limited spaces are available and this event is open to bloggers and invited guest ONLY. If you guys wanna go with me, drop a comment on the blog post with your email address and i’ll get in contact with you =)

Now I know what you guys are thinking already, what can I wear for this?? Start looking for inspiration and ideas online, have a look at what the stars are wearing, and maybe rent a costume or DIY one, like what I’m gonna do! 
Literally, there are so many ways you can go about it, think Ju On, Jeepers Creepers, or even Scream!
I love the look below, but I’m honestly not sure what I’m gonna go as! Lets see what happens this weekend when I go shopping with my babes! 
This looks like a potential costume!

This looks like a potential costume!

I”m looking forward to wining meself some goodies! You can also stand to win a Samsung Galaxy camera, iPad mini, Travel vouchers, H&M Vouchers and loads more at the event! Definitely an event not to be missed. RSVP now! 

This event is organized Allianz Malaysia, but why? First and foremost, its to socialize and get to know Allianz Malaysia. Also, with so many events going on this month, all of us will be going out but we need to be safe while having fun !Allianz Malaysia would like to spread the message about the importance of making sure that your home is safe and secure before you go out and travel either by flight or on the road. Carrying a lot cash can also be dangerous. Allianz ATM Shield will protect its policy holder if their cash is robbed outside an ATM machine. Allianz has 4 new insurance products to cover us at any time, or any situation, and here they are!

 Have a look at their page and website below and see if any of their products would suit yourself, and your family. Safety is one of the most important things in this dangerous place we live in nowadays!
Allianz’s Website:
Allianz’s Facebook Page:
So do you dare to unlock the truth this Halloween?? Come on and join me on this adventure!!
Drop a comment and tell me what you are going as this Halloween! And what is your favourite month in the whole wide world!

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