Reed’s brings Butterscotch Butterbeer to Malaysia!

Hello peeps!

If you have been following my updates on Facebook, here  you definitely know I’m the SUPERMEGADUPERHYPERBIGGEST fan of  Harry Potter!

Like for real.
I know every line in the book, every line in the movie, plus god knows what else random facts and trivia from HP land.
*I’m really lame aren’t I?*

Anyway, if you have watched the movies or read the books, you would know what Butterbeer is. And you must have constantly wondered what it tastes like. Right? I know I have! 

And if you have no clue what Butterbeer is, can you PLEASE educate yourself and go watch the movies or read the books. Pretty please?

We here in Malaysia don’t have Harry Potter Theme Parks or anything like they’ve got in the US or UK, so sadly, we wont be able to have a chance at the real Butterbeer, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Licorice Wands or Chocolate Frogs, but on the plus side, I’ve found something very similar to Butterbeer here right in Malaysia!! I read about this in this VenusBuzz article recently, and I decided I simply must have a taste! Went looking for em and VOILA!! Found it!

Its called Butterscotch Beer, and is produced by the company Reed’s!


As you can see, drank at least half so I can do the review. And surprisingly, I don’t own a can opener, so I almost cracked the bottle in half trying to open it! LOL
The bottle itself is designed to have magical artwork, and I find it creative & amazing!

Look at the magical artwork and illustration!

Look at the magical artwork and illustration!

It tastes like orgasms+heaven+sugar+spice in a bottle!

The golden colour is so beautiful, and I can only describe its taste as popcorn melted into a drink, or even butterscotch syrup in a bottle! It tastes super sweet, and even though I have a very sweet tooth, I found this too sweet to drink in one go!  Its a little gassy, like soda, and the aftertaste is quite sweet.

I love the taste, and I will definitely buy more of this, but like I mentioned, one bottle is probably too much for a person! I think i’ll share this drink with my other half over a good movie or something  ❤

Even though its called Butterscotch Beer, its actually non alcoholic,  and on top of that, its also gluten and dairy free!

The ingredients include: Sparkling filtered water, unbleached cane sugar, vanilla extract, natural caramel, natural flavors, stevia rebaudiana leaf extract. 

ingredients and nutritional content!

ingredients and nutritional content!

The website for this drink is super cool. Check out what the description of the drink is! 

*description* Since 1374, the Flying Cauldron has been making this magical brew for under aged wizards and wizards who are young at heart at their brew pub in Hogsbreath England . The recipe has changed little over the centuries. It has the perfect combination of spells and quality natural ingredients. It continues to be prized for its creamy vanilla and butterscotch flavors.

Some wizards claim that this brew places a ward of protection on those who drink it and that consuming this product has been known to accelerate wizarding abilities in borderline wizard cases.

This delicious beverage is the first wizarding drink to have widespread cross over consumption in the non wizarding world.

A magical refreshment for wizards and unrealized wizards alike.*end of description*

Apparently, the Butterscotch beer is also useful for brewing some potions! The website suggests the below!

Giggle Potion Recipe: 

  • one ice cold bottle of our Butterscotch Beer
  • one scoop of premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Chill down a nice beer mug in the freezer. Put a scoop of ice cream in the glass. Then slowly pour the Butterscotch Beer over the ice cream. Watch out for an attack of delicious foam.

It retails for RM6.99 per bottle, and Reed’s Butterscotch Beer is sold in Cold Storage stores all around Malaysia.

Check out more about the drink on the official website! 

Reed’s website!:

Have fun drinking this, I know I did! Let me know in the comments if you are a big Potterhead like me too! =)



13 thoughts on “Reed’s brings Butterscotch Butterbeer to Malaysia!

  1. “SUPERMEGADUPERHYPERBIGGEST fan of Harry Potter!” Well said! I think i would join you here!

    Thanks for sharing the tip on butter beer. 🙂


  2. Hi Shasha Sekharan,

    Exactly at which Cold Storage did you purchase this from? Because I can not locate it at some Cold Storage shops that I have been to. Btw, do you know where or who sells Bertie Bot’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans here in Malaysia?


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