My New York Skin Solutions Experience

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New York Skin Solutions.  I think most Malaysians are familiar with this particular brand no? I mean, we see the advertisements like ALL THE TIME.

Anyhoo, recently, I read on their website, or Facebook page, cant remember which one, that they are giving a free facial trial for first time customers to try out their services and products, so I thought, why not?  SO I signed up, and booked myself an appointment.


I went to the Mid Valley branch, first impression as I walked in, no greeting, no welcome, so I was like, yeah, fine whatever. Went up to the counter to let them know that I was there for the appointment. They took down my details, brought me into this room, and asked me to fill up some forms, you know the ones, like what’s your lifestyle like, how much water you drink a day, stress levels, current skin care routine etc.

Did that, and ended up waiting for 25 minutes. Anyway, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, there was indeed a lot of people in the branch anyway. Then the consultant Vivian walked in and did a quick consultation of my skin. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures, *how to blog??* company policy and what not. But basically I have uneven skin tone, and spots on my face. Not much acne or pimples thank god. The machine sees EVERYTHING! My skin looks so scary I tell you. All my pores looked 1000XXX bigger, and I could see so many craters!
*shield my eyes from the horrific images*

I must buy one of this for myself!

I must buy one of this for myself!

So she proceeded to recommend some packages for my ‘issues‘. It was expensive as I expected, since I did my research before going. I refused all of it and told her that I was there for the free trial only and if I’m interested after that, i’ll let her know what treatments I would want.

So then we went into the facial room, and I got changed, got comfy on the bed. AND WAITED ANOTHER 30 MINUTES.The consultant did come in to let me know that there were a lot of people, it being a Saturday and all.

So I said I’d wait. When she finally came in, she did a quick facial cleanse, since I had a full face of make up after coming there from an event earlier. She put on a sheet mask, and put the steamer on for about 20 minutes or so. And when I say steamer, it isn’t the nice warm hot steam you’re imagining, but a ice cold jet of steam. not sure why they use cold steam instead of hot steam. Any ideas why?

Afterwards, she put a thick, white, nice smelling mask and left that on my face for another half an hour, and guess what? I felt so comfortable I fell asleep!  Vivian later woke me up by starting to wipe the mask off, and asked me if I had a good sleep. LOL. Then she gave me a quick neck, shoulder and face massage and that was so heavenly. *note to self, go for a full body massage soon*

Anyway, I felt much better my nap, and she continued the facial by putting on some moisturizer and sunscreen on my face, and I must say, she has SOFT hands, like so soft it feels so good!!

After the facial, I did feel so much better, and my skin looked and felt so much radiant! I liked what I saw. I got a small trial/sample pack of their products containing a gentle face cleanser, aqua intensive toner, and tinted day cream (SPF25) as well. I’m loving the tinted day cream, and I might just go and get the full sized one soon!

Tinted Day Cream

Tinted Day Cream

Aqua Intensive Toner

‘ Aqua Intensive Toner

Gentle Wash

Gentle Wash

The trial pack

The trial pack

I would definitely want to try NYSS again, but right now, their treatments are just out of my budget. It really is expensive to look your best  😦

What do you think? Any cheaper but better ways to attain gorgeous skin?

Drop me a comment and tell me about your skin issues, and how you’ve managed to solve them. *Help a sister in need*



31 thoughts on “My New York Skin Solutions Experience

  1. You feel asleep? The mask must have come with a sleeping spell! Haha.. Hope it was worthwhile the waiting babe! Should have showed us a pic of your gorgeous self after the facial! ❤

    • haha, I did! It was just that comfortable 😉 The wait was long, but good things always take time no? after the facial I went home and continued sleeping, hence no after pic. WIll remember for next time!

  2. I once fell into buying their full range of skincare + free 2 more facial. The facial was really really nice. I saw improvements just after the first trial. But their skincare was just a waste of money. I have pimples and scars all over but the skincare only help to reduce the redness on my face ONLY. It didn’t do anything to reduce my pimples and scars. I was pretty upset about that but I love the facial!

    But beware though. They might call you again in the future saying that you have one more treatment with them. DO NOT fall for that. That’s one of their traps too. But anyway, I’m struggling to find something that works for me too. Everything’s good is expensive T^T

    • omg. I’m so sorry to hear that their treatment didnt work for you =(
      But, you’re right, they did call me up again saying the same thing! The struggles to obtain beautiful skin is so difficult!

  3. It is good that you were not swayed to just take what the consultant told you to buy. They gave you samples because they didn’t want to lose you, especially after they saw that you enjoyed the facial and could be a potential customer in the future. But reading your post, I don’t want to be the one that break it down to you but most facials will make you feel heavenly and give the impression that it does something. It just happens that you go to that one in particular. Maybe it gives you great feeling afterward, but finding solution to any facial problems are not one time fix. What you need is consistent, and since this particular brand is out of your price range, you could try to do some research and build up your ‘dream routine’ and stick with it. THAT will do it, I guarantee it 😉 Again, don’t believe in marketing gimmick 🙂

    • Thats true, most facials actually do make you feel good, but the glow you get the day after us so worth it! =) I am in search of my dream rountine, and hopefully I find it soon!

  4. Wow, your experience getting the facial sounds so relaxing… makes me want to go get one asap! With all of my stress lately, I definitely need it. 😉

    The best thing for me skin is just to be consistent with what I use. Switching up products doesn’t really work out too great for me… the products that I use the longest and routinely make my skin glow and look great!

  5. Oooh…my patience wear so thin when I have to wait and wait…and wait! Given that you were comfortable enough to fall asleep, it sounds like it was worth the wait!

    • Hi hun! Thanks for comenting 🙂
      Their packages range from RM1000++ to even RM3000. They also have mini packages targeted for specific things, like a one time facial, extraction etc for prices of RM150-500.


  6. late on this status but wanna share something, i went for the same treatment at the curve,,it’s total different experience, they are so polite, curious and helpful.. basically i had to many pimples which cause of very bad scars, after this treatment and using the free trial pack,, i found there’s no more pimple and the skin tone and scar is changing. finally decide to join the package for Rm2000 for 10x treatment.. yes! it’s expensive but i guest i have waste more then that with no 1st treatment is starting soo,..wish me luck,..

    • dear sabrina, i wish you luck! i joined the package for 10x treatment. but after 3x treatment and almost 2 months using their product, i noticed my pimples still worse. i did complaint to NYSS Empire Subang, but the consultant can simply shout at me, and she asked me to get another 10x treatment for another package! stupid!!! i’m really disappointed with their service!

  7. hey there, sab. So, here’s my story to share. My skin was infected by bacteria/polluted tap water a couple of months ago (the skin condition was worse with inflammed acne and sacrs all over the face). And I experienced the worst days of life ever. Ain’t getting any better with medications, doctor visits or any products whatsoever. Then, i decided i would seek help at nyss, As for a student, i could only afford a 5-times treatment. The results turned out so better that i could’ve expected. With just 4 treatments, my face’s stopped popping acnes. So, i recommend u try out.

  8. Hi Hazelin, it’s really hurt to hear your problem,..hope you will get the solution for your skin,,i understand how u will feel right now.,,coz i was facing it for a couple of years,..the worst is when is looking at us some kind like we are elian…it’s happend when our other siblings dont have this problem,..hope to hear good news from you..

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