Dandelion Sunnies [glassesonline.com.my]

Hey awesomepeeps!

Happy erm.. whatever day this post is gonna be published!

A few weeks ago I received a pair of sunglasses sponsored by Free Giveaways Malaysia  from Glasses Online Malaysia to review, and since I haven’t treated myself to a pair of new sunnies recently, I thought, why not try something new out, rather than using my battered Forever 21 pair.  😦  *thank you Free Giveaways*

I’ve nicknamed my sunnies Dandy, since she make me look mighty fine and dandy, and cause her real name is Dandelion! 
*I like naming my stuffs, my camera is called Sonyia cause she’s from SONY*

So I’ve been using Dandy since I got her, and I love her! She is so lightweight, fits right and she looks so darn amazing! 

Let me tell you a lil about her..!

She’s black in colour,  full-rimmed with cat eye frames and and is perfect for oval, heart and square-like faces. She’s made of plastic which is makes her easy to carry around! Plus, she comes with a UV filter of 400!



Here’s a pic of me wearing Dandy! As you can see, she has a cat eye frame!


Do forgive the tired bare face. I just got back from work =(

To the review!

Cheap: She retails for RM49!
Doesn’t break or scratch easily, I’ve dropped her so many times already! *butterfingers* She looks like she can stand a bit of rough handling, but she isn’t too clunky, you know what I mean?

The Cons:
I dont think the shape flatters my face much, I think she makes my nose look big! I always have issues finding the right shape of sunnies for my face, thanks to having a weirdly shaped facial structure. *Thanks Mom and Dad!*

Oh yeah, Glasses Online is actually offering RM20 off if your purchase anything more than RM 100, so do go check out the website, you can find some really good steals for below RM 50 as well!

RM20 off

RM20 off

And that concludes the review ! I love my new sunnies, and I aint giving Dandy up! Mum wanted to steal her away from me and I was like NOOOOOO! 

Glasses online website: www.glassesonline.com.my
Link to buy Dandy: http://www.glassesonline.com.my/dandelion3384-c2-matte-black-92791.html
Free Giveways Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Giveaways-Malaysia/191633404345228

Drop me a comment and tell me what are makes a good pair of sunnies for yourself, or if you have a favourite pair that you own!



12 thoughts on “Dandelion Sunnies [glassesonline.com.my]

  1. It’s so cute that you name your stuff!
    I’m a sucker for cat eyes! And your mom is so adorable.. My mom always tend to get away with my new buys cause she ends up loving it so much, I just end up giving it to her! Hahaha..

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