Define Part 2: Define MUSIC

Lend me your ears good people!

A quick update for all my readers who’ve been very good to me, and constantly reading and supporting my blog, I have good news for you ūüėČ

Define is hosting their second event, called Define Music, and if you’ve read my previous post about it, you know its a lot of fun! ¬†They’ve guaranteed us a helluva fun music party, and I’m sure they wont disappoint. Define is inviting a lot of music talents, and one of them is notably Deer Society!

I’ve got 2 extra invites for my¬†readers¬† and I’m opening it up to any of you who want to attend! Just drop me a comment with your email address, and i’ll get in touch! ūüėȬ†

The location of the event is unknown to all but the guests, so i’ll let the lucky two readers know where the event is held! Get your party dress and shoes on guys, and i’ll see you there!



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