Un-boxing Birthday Presents! #Cindy

Hello awesomepeoples!

Sorry I haven’t updated for like 3 days now, work has been crazy tiring, plus going round KL attending events without a car is super exhausting. Its been such an eventful week, and I’ve got so many things to blog about! 
REMINDER.MUST.GET.CAR.SOON. By the time I get home, all I wanna do is pretty much eat a huge Wonka bar  and go to bed and pass out. But anyway, enough about my week, finally my internet is being nice to me, so here we go! ❤

So I love presents, I mean, who doesn’t right? If you don’t, something must be wrong with you. Plus I’m a big fan of beauty boxes as well, the sheer excitement to know whats in a mystery box sound so tempting doesn’t it? Combine both, and what do you get?

Beauty Birthday presents! So it was my birthday recently, and I got presents, cash, random stuff, cards and etc. But I wanted to do a quick blog post to thank my girl Cindy for her gift to me!  Its extra special cause we’re both born on the same day, and Cindy has been such a good friend, plus she been super supportive in my new journey of blogging. So THANK YOU HUN!!! *hugs and kissies*

The gift came in super cute, compact Melvita Box, kudos to Cindy for re-using #gogreen


And VOILA! Its amazing how she managed to squeeze all the stuff into the little box!


What were my presents?  Rose floral water from Melvita, Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing oil, from Melvita as well, the Supermodel Stain by Jelly Pong Pong in the color Nymphette, a super soft printed scarf, and a loofah! 

Beauty bloggers being beauty bloggers,  we know how to appreciate a good box of beauty products when we see them, and I was so excited to finally get my hands on the Melvita brand! I’ve never used anything from them, even though I’ve passed through their store loads of time and kept telling myself to try the brand out.  


The Rose Water smells like roses, duh, and it can be used on the face and body, so I’ve been using it as a hydrating spray during the day, when my skin feels just a tad dry. It feels good, smells yummy, and keeps my skin moisturized from the cold air conditioning at work. It contains fresh Rosa Damascena petal extract to regenerate the skin too!

The Cleansing Oil,  I havent used yet, since I’m using the Oil Cleanse method for my skin now, if you wanna read up about that, you can click here, but the oil smells like something from my childhood, I cant recall what it was, but it smells a like roses too, and the description on the website says it contains damask rose essence and rosehip oil from Chile.


The Jelly Pong Pong lip stain is too cute! I love the packaging, and the colour is very pigmented too!! Its a cheek and lip stain, in the colour Nymphette (even the name is so cute). I haven’t used it cause I wanted to show it to ya’ll in its perfect condition. LOL.


And I got a super soft scarf too, the material is so smooth and I love the print! Animal print yo! Kay, don’t be jealous okay, I know how much you love animal prints!!! I’ll definitely do an OOTD featuring the scarf soon!


And lastly, Body Shop! I’ve always loved stuff from Body Shop, and I got a loofah in my favourite colour! Its amazing how much Cindy guessed right about me =D

That’s my birthday presents from Cindy, and again, a huge shout-out to her! =) Thank you so much babe, I love the presents!!!

Check our her blog as well at http://www.cindysplanet.com and show her some love!  And thank you for reading!
Let me know in the comments if  you want me to review any one of the products specifically in another blog post okay?



6 thoughts on “Un-boxing Birthday Presents! #Cindy

  1. Babe! I am jealous! Look at your haul! Wowzers.. So sweet of Cindy to get you such awesome gifts! ❤
    P.S: When I saw your animal prints scarf, I almost screamed! Lol.. I'm certain it looks gorgeous on you..

    See you real soon hun! xoxo

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