Ninetology U9Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

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Guess what? For the past week, I was in possession of two amazing phones, the Ninetology U9Z1 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. They were loaned to me by Ninetology as part of their Ninetology Malaysia’s “Tech Kaiju Arena” Blogger’s Review Program.

What it is, its basically a series of blogger reviews in line with their Wall of Pledge for Responsible Blogging campaign.

Ninetology is looking to promote transparent blogging as part of their one year long ethical blogging initiative that will go hand in hand with sharing the latest gadget information, both Ninetology and other competitor brands.

Now I know these devices were loaned to me by Ninetology, but I assure you, I’m going to review both these phones honestly and in depth, and highlight the pros and cons of both phones!

*Disclaimer: I am not a big tech geek, nor am I super knowledgeable about phones, so if you spot any mistakes in this post, do comment and let me know okay? Really would appreciate the honest feedback!

I’m only required to write a short quick, review, but I don’t know how to write short blog posts. LOL. SO enjoy the post!

For the past week, I’ve been using the Ninetology U9Z1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and let me tell you, juggling these two phones, plus my own, was such a different experience. 3 phones in one handbag?  Honestly I was scared if I accidentally lost the devices, or if I misplaced them. Thankfully, nothing happened! Thank you Ninetology for the trust and loaning me the devices! ❤

Here is the lovely and ever patient Sheena from Ninetology from who I picked up my phones from!!

Me and Sheena!

Me and Sheena!


I had the chance to choose from many phones, But at the end of the day, I picked the Samsung Galaxy S4 and U9Z1 , since I’ve heard about them, but I’ve never used it myself. Lets compare and contrast shall we?

This is obviously me with the phones, and as you can see, the U9Z1 box is super big, compared to the Samsung S4, which was like half my face size! I hope you can see the tagline of U9Z1 which is Larger Than Life, which it certainly lived up to! It comes in a white, clean, crisp packaging, and comes with its own cute bag. I’ll show you the bag in a bit. The Samsung S4 comes in a small and cute compact brown box, and its super small and cute, plus easy to carry around. Love both packaging’s, but since I myself am a tiny lil thing, I would actually prefer if the Ninetology boxes were a lil smaller. But there’s a reason for Ninetology’s big packaging, read below! *Size does matter, LOL*

The phones!

The phones!


The unboxing of anything is usually pretty exciting for me, so I had two boxes to unpack, and I was super excited to see what was in them boxes!

The Ninetology U9Z1  : 

unboxing nine (2)

unboxing nine

Inside the Ninetology U9Z1 box you can see they’ve gone the extra mile to provide you all you need! You get the standard items, like the phones, battery,  2-piece adapter charger, USB to micro USB sync , aka charger, headphones, user manual, and then you’ve got the extras, like the screen protector, the cloth to wipe the screen, and the hard casing for the phone! At least I don’t have to go looking for a new case when I actually do use the phone! Plus I love the headphones, they look super cool, in black and red!

The Samsung S4: 

unboxing samsung

Inside the Samsung S4 box you can see only the standard items, like the phones, battery,  2-piece adapter charger, USB to micro USB sync , aka charger, headphones, and user manual.

Winner: In terms of unboxing, I was more impressed with the Ninetology’s packaging and extras!

samsung vs nine (3)

samsung vs nine (2)


Now this is the part that probably confuses me the most, since I’m not so familiar with specs and stuff, but I know they matter when picking a phone. I’ve detailed all the specs pertaining to each phone, and I’m gonna try and explain them as best as I can! 

Ninetology U9Z1:

  • Weight: 191g
  • Available in: Silver and blue colour
  • Platform: CPUQuad Core 1.2GHzGPU, PowerVR SGX544
  • OS: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • Memory: Internal, 16GB ROM / 1GB RAM, 
  • Display: Size, 5.7 inch, Resolution, 1280 x 720 HD, Capacitive Multi Touch Screen
  • Connectivity:  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS,
  • Camera: Rear Camera, 12.0MP , Front Camera, 5.0MP 
  • Sensor: Proximity Sensor, Motion Sensor, Ambience Sensor, Magnetic Sensor
  • Connectors: USB 2.0, Audio Output, 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Power & Battery: Li-Ion 2600 mAh,Talk Time Up to 10.5Hrs, Stand-by Time Up to 372Hrs
  • Features: 3G Video Call, Dual SIM
  • Price: RM1199

For more info for the specs, click here and read up:

 Samsung S4 GT-I9500:

  • Weight: 130 g
  • Available in: White Mista and Black Frost 
  • Platform: Octa Core Processor,1.6GHz Quad + 1.2GHz Quad CPU Speed
  • OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • Memory: 16GB Memory
  • Display: 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm Dimension
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  • Camera: 2 Megapixels Camera Resolution (Front),13 Megapixels Camera Resolution (Rear) 
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Geomagnetic, Gyro, RGB light, Barometer, Proximity, Gesture, Temperature & Humidity
  • Connectors: USB 2.0 support, MicroSD External Memory Slot (up to 64GB)
  • Power & Battery: 2,600mAh Standard Battery, Up to 17 hours Talk Time (W-CDMA), Up to 370 hours Standby Time
  • Features: Full HD (1080p) Video Playback available
  • Price: RM1599

For more info for the specs, click here and read up:

Ninetology side view

Ninetology side view

Samsung side view

Samsung side view

 Spec differences wise, I think both phones are almost similar, just a few additions here and there on each phone. But  honestly, what I do know is the BIG price differences, and for a difference of about RM500, I would say Ninetology has the bigger advantage of being more cost effective.

back of samsung (2)

sim camera nine

One thing I love about the Ninetology phone is that I dont have to cut up my Sim Card, since my current phone uses the normal sized SIM. Plus its dual Sim! The Samsung on the other hand, needs me to cut my Sim, which I didn’t, hahaa..

Winner: Price wise, the U9Z1, Spec wise, Draw!


Software wise, both phones use the same OS which is the Both devices are powered by Android 4.2 “Jellybean” OS, and I don’t see much differences. But in terms of how it looks, I love how the Samsung’s display is. Samsung has the TouchWiz User Interface while Ninetology doesn’t, and U9Z1 appearance is really quite plain and simple. So it actually depends on what your personal preference is.

Ninetology Screen

Ninetology Screen

Samsung Screen

Samsung Screen

The browsers are good, what you can usually expect from a smartphone nowadays. Both the phones have pre installed apps and features such as the Microsoft Office apps, and what surprised me was that the U9Z1 had WeChat installed as well!

health app

Health App

Samsung Galaxy obviously has all the ‘cool’ apps like the Health App (which I loved a lot!) Samsung Hub, Group Play, Samsung Link,Motions and Gestures and Smart Stay. What I liked about the U9Z1 was the message screens where there are already pre installed emoticons to choose from!

Message screens

Message screens

Both phones are not perfect really. Both phones lagged quite a bit, but since U9Z1 didn’t come with all those ‘cool’ apps, it seemed to run a little faster than the Samsung.There was just too many features for the Samsung S4 which made it slower. Even opening an app takes a while.

Winner: Software point of view? DRAW!


This was my most anticipated part really! For bloggers, the most important thing would be the camera function, and how well the pictures turn out. And on top of that, we selfie a lot, like A LOT, so the front camera has to be good as well!

The cameras. Left, U9Z1 , Right, Samsung S4

The cameras. Left, U9Z1 , Right, Samsung S4

See how the pics look! Both pics taken in Beauty Mode. As you can see, the U9Z1 makes me look a whole lot different! I love the Beauty mode since it auto airbrushes all the flaws out!  But I feel that Samsung at the end of the day has the better camera, since colours turn out more vibrant from Samsung S4. 

One thing to note is that U9Z1 comes with a 5MP front camera, while Samsung only comes with 2MP. I don’t understand why the front and back cameras have to have different resolutions? 

U9Z1 Camera

U9Z1 Camera

Samsung S4 Camera

Samsung S4 Camera

Camera wise? Samsung wins! 

Battery Life: 

Both phones have the 2600mAh batteries which are removable, and personally, my current phone lasts 3 days without charge, and both these phones have to be charged daily, which kind of sucks. I wasn’t impressed, but smartphones being smartphones, they suck up a lot of juice, so in this case, both phones dont fare too well.  But it seems that the Samsung lasts just an eensie teensie bit more than the U9Z1.

Winner? Samsung!

Finishing thoughts:

I love both phones, and if you notice the score from above, it is as follows:

  • Unboxing- U9Z1 
  • Hardware – Draw
  • Price-U9Z1
  • Software – Draw
  • Camera – Samsung
  • Battery – Samsung

Additional factors swaying my judgement would include price, where U9Z1 retails for RM1199, and the S4 retails for RM1599. In that case, U9Z1 has the advantage. I mean, why would I pay so much extra? But in all honesty,Samsung is the more famous global brand, whereas Ninetology is almost an unrecognizable brand.  However, taking into the fact that I’m comparing the phones, and not the brands, Ninetology seems to be quite a strong competition for Samsung. The only thing is, Ninetology is Malaysian made, and most Malaysians would probably prefer to go with the more established brand.

I think that the U9Z1 is a great phone, but  it’s a challenge for them compete with any other bigger names for now. Give Ninetology some time, and they might just win over the hearts of people, worldwide!

Phone wise, I would definitely suggest you to try out the U9Z1  and see for yourself how great it is. You never know till you try, no? And if you wanna try and get yourself a Ninetology phone, read on!

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Click away!

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