Butterfly Project ft Kinohimitsu Hawaiian Luau Party!

Aloha awesomereaders!
Yes you 🙂

Hope ya’ll have been having a good week and looking forward to the weekend! I’ve been so tired, and lethargic, juggling so many things and right now I’m just burned out 😦 And I look like crap. I really need a pick me up ASAP. Any suggestions?

I just got some exciting news though! The Butterfly project is going to be organizing a Luau Party together with Kinohimitsu on the 20th of Nov, and word on the street is, its going to be an AWESOME party! Something like this would definitely help de-stress me! So I need/must/definitely/for sure/have to attend this Luau Party, it will be a good way for me to end my amazing year and kick start the new year with a BANG! I tell you, there’s going to be welcome massages, good food and drinks, gifts, spin the wheel, lucky draws, a Kinohimitsu beauty bar where they will have drinks, games, performances by hot guys (MAJOR YAY),best dressed prizes,best instagramer prize, and a whole lot more of fun activities!



Its going to be held at the Vila Manja Spa! OOooOO. Spa time with the girls!

shashay (2)

Tthe Luau Party is organized in collaboration with Kinohimitsu,  and Kinohimitsu is all about focusing on detox, health and beauty and offers safe and effective consumption of natural products. Now in all honesty, I’ve only tried one product from Kinohimitsu, which is their detox tea! I used to “steal/borrow” the tea from my mum, and ended up loving it!

The one I usually drink is the Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Tea in Peppermint flavour , and its this is how it looks like!


The description on the box says that Peppermint is usually used by people to soothe stomach ailments, and that the  J’pan D’Tox Tea will rejuvenate the body, lessen the feeling of fatigue, restores vigour to those who often feel weak or tired especially after a long tired day, and for people with hectic demanding lifestyles. Hmmmm,  coincidence much?

The tea contains Peppermint Leaves, Orange Peel, Rosehips Fruit, Uva Ursi, Chamomile Flower, Stevia Leaves, Althea Root (Marshmallow), and Buckthorn Bark, and I can definitely taste the Peppermint! It tastes good =D

It also helps me with bowel movements and to remove all the yucky toxins from my body! Healthy body anyone?

This post is turning out to be a review of the tea, isn’t it? Damn I suck at short posts.

So anyway, my point was, I wanna party with Kinohimitsu!

Why I do I wanna party with Kinohimitsu?? I want to enjoy the coming end of year with my lovely butterflies who I’ve gotten to know so well over the past few months, and knowing that Kinohimitsu’s products definitely lives up to its promises, I am SUPERDUPERMEGAHYPER sure that they’re gonna make sure that Luau Party is going to be a blast and since the theme is all Hawaiian,I wanna do the hula in my green grass skirt, coconut shell bra, flowers in my hair, sipping on some Kinohimitsu healthy drinks and getting pampered at the spa! Sounds like heaven in a bottle, so I MUST NOT MISS THIS event!

So butterflies, pick me, choose me, love me and let me love you & Kinohimitsu back! ❤

And if that wasn’t convincing enough, here’s  me loving Kinohimitsu! ❤


AND another one!


Check out Kinohimitsu’s latest updates on their website:  www.kinohimitsu.com
And their FB page: www.facebook.com/kinohimitsu 

And the butterflies are always fluttering around here: https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

xoxo and luau luau luau,


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