DEFINE – Urban recipe to F.A.M.E (PART 2, MUSIC)

Hello awesomepeople!

I hope you remember my previous post about Define’s Art Party! This is Part 2 of their 4 series of events, the first one being Art, this second one Music, and the third and fourth being Fashion and Etc, hence F.A.M.E! =D 

The first Art event was amazing, and obviously I knew the second one was going to be even better! Music is pretty much universal, and I think anyone would appreciate some good music, any day! I didnt really know what to expect from this event, since Define only provided me with little sneak peeks pre-event, but I did know that there were going to be amazing bands playing on the day. And of course, a chance to hang out with my girls and enjoy some cocktails! 

The event was organized at the Heritage Row, at Jalan Yap Ah Shak, and the venue for the event blew my mind!
Since Define is all about expressing yourself, we all could come dressed however we want, and trust me, people were DRESSED UP!!! I felt so underdressed! 

Pictures , shall we? PS: Some of my pictures turned out too dark, so some pics are from the official Define Photographer. Click here to see the full album.

OOTD for the day, dress: H&M, Shoes: H&M, Lace leggings: Topshop 





As you can see, the place was PACKED with people! Its amazing how many people turned up for the night! 


The stage before the event. Cool na?


shashay (3)

shashay (1)

shashay (2)

As usual, we had Corktales,whereby the lucky people who submitted the best cocktail recipe would be the featured cocktails for the event! 


I took the Pomegranate Margarita, yes I know, its a typical girls drink, but I dont know what they put in it, it was super strong, and after one drink I could feel my head buzzing! #lighweight

And obviously, we had time for pictures before the event actually started! 

Sherleen, Frankie, moi



Some of the interesting things happening during the event? Define was giving out 200 FREE tickets for Urbanscapes!!! Lucky people! I didnt get any 😦

We had Patricia Knudsen emceeing the event, just like the previous event, and she was also DJ’ing for the night.
The line up of that night? ED Sickness from “Lah Lah Land”, BitterSweet, Darren Ashley & Band, Mr. Dan, John Hafiz & The Other Guy, Glove (International Act) & Deer Society !

Bittersweet was one of my favourites since I was in my teens, so I was all fan girl on them when they came up the stage! WOOOO!!!!!


More pictures? I know you want more!

Ed Sickness

shashay (3)

Patricia K

shashay (1)

Daren Ashley and the band!

shashay (2)
Amazing no? I had so much at the event, and I event bumped into my old boss, LOL, small world!

And the best part? Part 3 is coming soon! *See below*

To get the exclusive invites for their next event, and I MEAN exclusive, since you cant get in without an official invite, do check out Define at their FB page! I definitely am looking out for their next edition!

Define’s FB Page:


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