ITS TRUE!! Urban Decay Naked 3 : Swatches, Pictures, & Comparisons

Hello awesomepeople!

Yes, I know everyone has been raving about the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, and wondering if its too good to be true, or if the whole thing was a hoax. And guess what? UD has confirmed its true!!! They released a promo video of it just today on their FB page, and to say if everyone is excited is a bit of an understatement governer.

And to top the whole thing off, some French bloggers have managed to get their hands on the palette from a Sephora in France, and apparently it has been released there by mistake! Seems that the French Sephora staff mixed up the dates of the release and the palette was on sale for a few hours before they took it down the shelves! *lucky mistake for all UD lovers* The original article from the French blogger is linked at the bottom, but I’ve did all my readers a favour by reading the article and translating it myself with the basic French I know. And the naked truth ??


The blogger got hers for 45 Euros, so I’m calculating it should be about the same price as Naked 1 and 2 here in Malaysia. On the release dates, some people say its going to be out on November 16th, December 16th or maybe January 2014! Who knows? I’ll wait, and once its out, Naked 3, you’re mine!

Lets have a look at the palette shall we?







The palette seems to contain a lot of iridescent glitter shadows, and the theme of the palette seems to be of rose gold. Seems that Naked 3 also has only 3 matte shadows, Strange,Limit, Nooner, which kind of sucks since matte shadows looks better on brown skin like mine. It also comes with the samples of primers potions, Original , Eden, Sin & Anti -aging !

Have a look at the swatches of the palette!






Primer Potion Samples



Naked 1 vs Naked 3


What do you think? A must buy, or not??

Check out what UD has to say:

For me, its a must buy! Even though the colours are pretty similar to the other Naked Palettes, I must get it since I have the other two as well! Another update for Naked 3 once it hits Malaysia! 



23 thoughts on “ITS TRUE!! Urban Decay Naked 3 : Swatches, Pictures, & Comparisons

  1. I think Naked 3 has cooler colour range.So i would steer away from it since im a little bit intimidated by it (i have warm skintone).But i admit it would be a double combo if combined with naked 1 and naked 2!!

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    • I started with the Naked Basics first, since I love the matte shades it came with, and its an easy beginner palette, but if you’re looking to build your makeup collection, I really love Naked 1!

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  4. must buy !!!! it s way more rose toned not similar to the first two and love them i find myself using only them .. thinking of throwing out every eyeshadow i have gasp !! that s how much i love LOLLL waiting with bated breath to head to sephora ;)))

  5. OMG! I’m now owning the Naked 2 and it’s really good plus you not gonna believe that most makeup artist are using the Naked palettes for shows. Can’t wait to get my hands on Naked 3, especially shades of pink is a must! ^^

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  8. To me I find that NAKED is just irresistible no matter how many version of NAKED UD that we owned we would still have that tiny cutie feeling to steel another NAKED! Amazing even myself I try to say noo..noo…no… not this palette stay calm and wait… OH well, you babes should that I failed to fight my temptation and bought any UD eyeshadows product (since the pigment are just too fine!). At the moment I have NAKED 1 and I find that, does colors if I apply it on my skin, its have invisible power ( in other meaning the colors just blend with my fair-yellowish skin tone). Then I realize that orange/ peachy/pink colors looks better on me ( light natural look ). NAKED 3 yes I do have the attention to try this our but not so sure if this NAKED 3 could fits me (which I look at it N3 and N1 just similar colors). Holla. LEtS wait for NAKED 3 🙂

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