Introducing the Pop Beauty Vibrating Beauty Buffer!

Hello awesomepeople!

I’ve been having writers block for the past few days, and I cant seem to write anything blog-post worthy. But today, inspiration strikes, so here you go! 

I recently discovered the POP Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer and I must admit, I’m very tempted to purchase one even though I highly doubt its available in my home country Malaysia. Apparently vibrating beauty buffers are the rage now in the Asian cosmetics districts in Korea,Japan and Taiwan. 

Personally I’ve never used one, and never really heard of one, and upon research, found a few vibrating buffers like the Lancome Ôscillation Power Foundation one.


Definitely something different from all the beauty blenders out in the market. What it does is basically, the sponge head creates an even layer of makeup on your skin via its auto vibrating applicator, and you can use it with your liquid, cream, mousse or powder foundations.

It also is claimed to be able to de-puff your skin while improving circulation, and it makes sense I guess, since it works as a mini massage on your skin. According to the website, it will blend your foundations like magic, creating a beautiful skin finish! And we all need a bit of magic in our life, no?

I was more concerned about clean up,and luckily the sponge is removable from the base, so you can always wash it and put it back in.

The set comes with an auto vibrating applicator, anti-bacterial sponge, lithium battery and a refill sponge.

Using it seems pretty straight forward: 

1) Dip sponge into your formula or apply makeup directly onto face first. 
2) Press the button and turn it on. *no puns intended*
3) Slowly massage the formula onto your skin.

It costs about 16 pounds, so approximately RM80++ I estimate, which doesn’t sound so pricey, and it is one of the first of its kind.  And since it is sold out on the website, I  would say it seems to be quite popular among the ladies. *LOL*

What say you? Ready to get vibrated?

Pop Beauty Website:




25 thoughts on “Introducing the Pop Beauty Vibrating Beauty Buffer!

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  2. I think I would love it! Might become addicting the massage effect ^^
    Now I reeeeallllyyy wanna try it! 😀
    xoxo! giglove!!

    novelstyle ^^

  3. Oh so they’re catching up LOL. I have a Vibrating BB machine – not the high end brand – but it’s from Chae.a which is a Korean brand I’ve come across online. Honestly I’ve yet to really test it’s capability as I’m still happy blending my BB or foundation away with my RT brushes LOL.
    Would love to see how you think though hehe x


  4. I am hearing about this for the first time.. The idea seems quite interesting.. The packaging looks really classy.. Glad it worked for u.. I personally don’t like applying foundation with a sponge.. Can’t be bothered with washing the stuff everyday.. :-/

  5. Vibrating buffer is super popular now in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Why Malaysia always so slow? I tried once sample- forgot the brand. I don’t like it. Coz it’s doesn’t really blends very well comparing to our own hand techniques.

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