M.A.C Masterclass Brush Collection: The Next Big Thing

Hello awesomesauces! 

Its a brush, its a toothbrush, no, its the latest thing to hit the Beauty world, its the M.A.C Masterclass Brush Collection!  

Its a well known fact that the quality of your tools affect the quality of your results, and its no different with make up. And M.A.C brushes and make-up are the Holy Grail of all beauty addicts, me included!

M.A.C has always been known for their professional grade cosmetics, as well as their long line of make up brushes, and they have three new additions to the M.A.C family! 

Introducing the collection! 

The brushes are designed for an even and effortless application of make up, with lush, silky, synthetic Cosmefibres to pick up and apply product seamlessly.

They’re available in three types (for now, but judging by the numbering system, of the brushes, there is more to come), the Linear 1, Oval 3 and Oval 6.

They feature a special rubber grip brush handle designed for absolute control, and a tilted tip that keeps fingers and hands out of the way for ultimate precision.

MAC OVAL 6 Brush USD42 (for dusting on foundation and blush)

shashay (2)

MAC OVAL 3 Brush USD32 ( for applying eye shadow and concealer)

shashay (1)

MAC Linear 1 Brush USD25 (for lining lashes, lips and filling in brows)

shashay (3)

Ok, so what makes these brushes so different from the ones we already have, apart from the way they look? These new brushes are designed for  gliding, skimming, pushing and pulling across the skin. Not for tapping or stippling, or poking. 

Oval 6: Use them for applying  primer, foundation and powder products to the entire face. Also use with blush and bronzer for contouring the cheek bone area.

Oval 3: It includes a corner shape that assists the user in shading and blending cream, or powder eye shadow to the eye. Plus use it for applying foundation and concealer to targeted areas of the face like under the eyes, the inside corner of the eye or on the sides of your nose.

Linear 1: This brush has a short narrow row of fibres to help concentrate product application along the lash line. The brush applies a perfect thin line of product along the upper lash line or tucked under the lower lash line. It can also be used to fill in and define the brows, or to apply a defined line along the lip. The Linear 1 brush is very helpful for special effects makeup to create crisp lines and linear shapes.

According to Nick Gavrelis Vice President, Global Product Development, M·A·C Cosmetics, these amazing brushes are not meant to replace traditional make-up brushes, but rather to provide the consumer with more choices and will incorporate beautifully into a consumer’s or professional’s existing collection of brushes.

Personally, I want to try the brushes out before I actually purchase them, since I’m quite used to the regular, more traditional brushes, or so we say. But these toothbrush looking brushes look interesting, and it seems like a good reason to convince myself to buy more brushes! 


I’m not sure if the brushes are already available in Malaysia yet, since I haven’t been to M.A.C in the longest time, but judging on the USD prices, they should retail about the same as the regular M.A.C brushes here. 

So what do you think? A must have, or a no way? Love em or hate em?

Tell me some of your thoughts, I’d like to hear what you think about these brushes. 



30 thoughts on “M.A.C Masterclass Brush Collection: The Next Big Thing

  1. These sure do look like toothbrushes.. Interesting nonetheless! Can’t guess how much easier it would be to use without using it.. I think this design will take some time getting used to, isn’t it? Would love to give it a try.. These look so futuristic! 😀

  2. For a moment there I thought that MAC was introducing their new toothbrush range. I wonder how they work…have to go check them out next time in the shop xx Lisa giglove

  3. LOL these brushes do look super interesting. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before! Toothbrush :p
    But I think Mac Oval 6 would be amazing because I can totally imagine using it for powder and blush ❤

    Bella / everythingaboutbella.blogspot.com

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