5 Tricks to Lose Weight and Live Healthier (without exercising)

Hello awesomesauces!

Now if you clicked on this post, you may be just like me, you hate going to the gym, and you kind of hate eating salads as well, but you also wanna lose some weight, and try living a little healthier!

Now I’m not some health guru, and this is just some tips and tricks I’ve practiced myself over the years to keep myself a size 4-6(it changes according to the seasons LOL) while eating all the things I want and without actually going into a gym. So take my advice with a pinch of salt, and give it a try! 



Now this one takes a little effort and practice, but try drinking nothing but water. Skip your morning coffee and orange juice, and settle for a big glass of warm water! I know some of you wouldn’t be able to survive without coffee, and trust me, a while back, I was just like you. It did take some time and patience, but its so worth it. Your skin looks healthier, and your body will thank you. So will your bowels. Its cheaper too, compared to a 4 dollars cup of java from Starbucks. Skip your beer, skip your alcohol, those are free calories going into your body, and you don’t even realize it. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water. That should help you get off food for a while.


Yes stand. Get off your butts, and stand up. As I’m typing this post, I am standing. Apparently we burn more calories standing than sitting so why not? I used to even eat while standing, which got me some dirty looks from my mum. LOL. Anyway, watch TV while standing, Tweet/FB/Instagram while standing. Now I’m not saying stand up during a crucial meeting at work or anything, just make it a habit where possible. Its simple. easy and doesn’t take up your time. 


#3. FOOD (PART 1)

Yes, food is definitely an important aspect of losing weight and being healthier. I allow myself cheat days, where I abstain from junk food from Mon-Fri, and let loose during the weekends and gorge myself with burgers, fries, and fried chicken. And then feel kind of guilty about it the whole week after. From Mon-Fri, I eat only basic food like my rice,oats, veggies, fish, chicken etc etc. No random crap like Twisties, cookies, or sodas. It takes damn a lot of will power for this one, but I tell myself that by doing this I save money (A LOT OF IT!), so that I look forward to my weekly McDonalds lunch/dinner/supper.

#4. FOOD (PART 2)

No eating in front of the computer/TV/phone/Xbox/PS or whatever technology you own. Seriously. You don’t realize what goes in until its too late. Eating should mentally engage you, and distracting yourself with technology isn’t a very good idea if you’re watching your diet/weight. So turn of the tech, and savor each morsel of food. Fine dine with yourself, or with some good company.


Yes, chill out, don’t stress about weight too much, just try to eat more healthy, live a healthier life, and everything will come together. Honestly, all these tips above will help you in the beginning, but if you wanna look as good as J-LO in a bikini,  working out and gym-ming is a must. I know many of my close friends go to the gym every single day, but I’ve never yet been gym-ming. I need to move my butt.

I must start working out. Bikini season will be coming soon!

How do you keep healthy? Any tips for me? Share and lemme know!



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