Skinz UV White Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator.

Hello awesomesauces!

Another product review for today, and its the Skinz UV White Radiant Gene Activator Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator. Pheww that’s a handful! I always wonder why products are always named so long, but anyway, here is the product! As you can see, I tore the box accidentally when I was opening it. I tell you, being gentle is so not my forte.


Product description:  It is a herbal gel that painlessly removes blackheads, oil seeds, and dead skin cells, leaving a brighter skin tone, and if used regularly, it reduces blackheads, resulting in finer pores, and smooth flawless skin. It contains Sakura Leaf extract combined with Licorice which boosts skin whitening while the UV filters protect skin from damaging UV rays.


So everyone has blackheads, and yuck, black spots on your face is not attractive, so lets BANISH some blackheads!

How to use?

The product is a cool gel, is thick and smells very fresh. As you massage it onto your skin, it thickens even more, and becomes flaky, and lumpy which makes it feel like a scrub. The dust can actually be wiped off with a cotton pad or with your fingers.


After that, you rinse it off with water. Personally, it feels a little too smooth to me after rinsing with water, like there is a layer of something on my skin, so I usually follow this with a quick cleanse with my cleanser. Pat your skin dry, and voila, smooth, fairer skin! Its really super quick and easy.

This how the lumps look like after massaging it onto the skin for a few minutes.Sorry for the gross pic. =_=


And this is the deposits after you finish scrubbing your skin. A gel like flaky substance. 


So what do I think of the product?

Spreadability: It spreads very easily like any gel product. Though it leaves a weird waxy feeling after rinsing with water.

End Result: It does what it says, it leaves my skin looking way brighter, thanks to the licorice extract and also the fact that I have all the gel flakes falling off makes me feel like the exfoliant is doing its job well. After about 2 weeks using this, I feel that my skin has less oil seeds, since I don’t  feel tiny lumps and bumps when I run my finger on my face. My skin feels super cleansed without stripping my skin from its natural oils.The Blackhead Exfoliator lives up to its name!

Scent: Smells perfectly nice and pleasant, like a fresh breeze.

Price: 20.90 for 40g, so not an expensive product really.

I rate this product an 8 out of 10 points. 

Pros: An awesome product as a whole. Nothing bad to say.
Cons: Waxy feeling after water rinsing.

This product retails at all major pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide.

Check out Skinz’s latest update  at their FB page:

So what do you think? Yes to Skinz??

*Product was given to me for review.



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