Luau Party with Kinohimitsu at Vila Manja Spa

Hello awesomesauces!!!

Its almost the end of 2013, and what better way to usher in the new year than to attend a smoking hot party with my girls and ticking one more thing of my bucket list??

I attended a Luau Party just recently, and no, I wasn’t in Hawaii!  I was in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, surrounded by lush greenery, basking in the soft glow of candles, and drinking yummy healthy Kino drinks! This was my first Luau party ever, so item no 22 on my bucket list, check!

As the title says, I was at Vila Manja Spa, celebrating the launch of  the latest Kiohimitsu products to hit the shelves, the J’Pan Bio-Booster. Vila Manja is conveniently located right behind the Intermark building near Jalan Ampang. I’ve never been to Vila Manja before, so I was looking forward to checking it out.

Nahh, some pictures for you! This is how Vila Manja looks like usually, but when you cram 50 bloggers in, ill show you how that looks in a bit. *photos from Vila Manja FB Page*

shashay (4)

And these are the fun booths and decorations set up for the event!
*Pictures from Kinohimitsu’s FB page*

shashay (4)

shashay (3)

And of course, the customary OOTN from moi!

I didn’t have any Hawaiian inspired outfits in my closet, so I grabbed my floral bikini, borrowed a grass skirt, tied an animal print scarf around myself, and voila! And the lei courtesy of the Butterfly Project! Sorry if I look a little exhausted/pale, this was right after work, so I barely had much time to get ready.

shashay (2)

It was raining when I got there 😦
Luckily my girl Kay from came to save me!

When I got there, I got my door gift from Kinohimitsu which contained the latest Bio Booster product worth RM159.00 and a set of beauty drinks worth RM80.  

Most of the girls were already in their luau outfits, and everyone was looking amazing! Managed to round up all my ladies and get group pictures courtesy of 123 Cheese!

From left, me, Claudine, Kay, Shivani, Edazz and Ridley.

shashay (14)

Some of the highlights of the night was the contests and goodies from Kinohimitsu and Vila Manja Spa to be won!

Look at all the Kino products!!

shashay (16)

There was the Best Hawaiian look contest, Best Instagrammer, Best Party Blog Post contest and Spin the Wheel-Lucky Draw!

On top of that, we had some fun activities planned for us to enjoy, which included us girls getting messy and wet!

Shall we move on to the juicy parts of the event?

Games!  We had a group activity where we had 5 people working together to fill up an empty  bottle with water, using only sponges, and the fastest team wins!! But my team lost 😦 Its okay, we had fun running frantically around and trying to work as a team! The game wasn’t just for fun though, it was to explain how absorption works when using the Kinohimitsu Jpan Bio Booster!  Science fact: The  bigger the surface area, the better the absorption!

shashay (18)

Next, we got ourselves a complimentary shoulder massage from Vila Manja, and OMG it hurt! Methinks I have lots of knots in my shoulders.
That’s me trying to pose for a picture while trying to look as if I wasn’t in mortal pain while Kay fits a cute pose in there. =_=

shashay (15)

Next up, a quick word by Kinohitmsu, and their two celebrity guest who are loyal Kinohimitsu users!  They were sharing about their Kinohimitsu journey and how they’ve managed to maintain a healthy, toned, and gorgeous body with the Kinohimitsu range of products!

Also there was some amazing dance moves from our very own Edazz, and also some belly dancing!


Also, we had the chance to sample some yummy Kino drinks, and I must say, for health supplements, they sure taste mighty fine! *We pose for everything, dont mind us*


And then we had fun playing the games, like the Spin the Wheel! And guess what?? I WON THE BIG PRIZE!!!!! Only 3 lucky ladies won, and I was one of them! I was like OMGG!  And the prize? A one hour body spa session with Vila Manja, and a one hour Face Spa too! Cant wait to try it out!

Pic below credited to as I dont have any pictures of my own taking the prize..

shashay (17)

On top of that, we had lots of amazing food, like the cupcakes, sate, plus grilled fish and chicken!

Here is more pictures from the event!

From left, Liyana, me, Anfaal, Ker Yi, Ker Chi (I’m still not sure which one is which, LOL), Tammy and me!

shashay (2)

Clockwise: Candles, Me and Kay, Tammy and Edazz feeling the love, Kino drinks, Me and Caroline, and the sisters! 

shashay (5)

And thats a wrap! I had a great time with the butterflies, and I went home with my awesome prizes and Kino goodies! And I got a cute certificate too 😉

shashay (1)

And a lemme insert a quick review of the drinks here as well! I’ve finished up the J’pan UV-Bight drink, as well as the J’pan Beauty Drink, and have A LOT of the Bio Booster left, since each pack of the Bio Booster comes with 60 sachets. I usually drink the Bio Booster each morning, and so far, I think the drinks work, since my skin looks much better, and my digestive system is also working well. I’ll continue taking the Bio Booster until it finishes, and I’ll update you guys what is the final result like 🙂


Pheww!! A long post today, and we’re almost to the end. Let me take a moment to thank all the awesomesauce sponsors who made the event a success!


123 Cheese:

Vila Manja Spa:

and of course, the Butterfly Project Malaysia :

And finally, a group picture!

shashay (19)

So long for now! I’m off to read my stock of Hajime Kindaichi manga!



3 thoughts on “Luau Party with Kinohimitsu at Vila Manja Spa

  1. Haha the activities were an awesome one Shasha! If I knew we were gonna play some epic water games, would have worn shorts! Had to gather my skirt and keep running haha XD

    Lovely post btw 😉 Muaccks! ❤

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