Christmas Wishes granted with Hermo Malaysia & The Butterfly Project

Hello awesomesauces!

Its the first day of 2014, and I’m excited to see what the new year has in store for me! Here’s hoping it brings a lot of new opportunities, new friends, and a whole load of fun times! And my first post for the year is all about wishes coming true! *Starting the year on a good note, and positive thoughts*

This post is dedicated to Hermo for being such a star! A while back, I sent a Christmas wishlist to Hermo Malaysia via The Butterfly Project, and guess what, they granted my wishes!! You can read up on that wishlist post here if you want to 🙂

The gift arrived a few days after Christmas on my doorstep in a humongous box, and I knew right away that Santa Hermo made my wishes come true!


I wished and wished for the Beauty Maker Brush Set, and here it is! I even spot a dual ended angled brush in there.

shashay (6)

Here is a close up of the brushes! Aren’t they amazing? They come in a set of 7 pieces.  It comes in a cute polka dot pouch too. On top of that, they provide brush guards as well for each brush, how thoughtful! 


shashay (4)

And see, Oh la la, tres sexy! Merry Christmas indeed 😉


In short, I love my Christmas present from them! I’m going to make full use of these brushes, and let me know in the comments if you want me to do a review on them! =)

Do check out what Hermo has to offer, they have all these amazing brands in store, plus a LOT of discounts!

shashay (4)

shashay (3)

Beauty is indeed a click away!

shashay (2)

Thank you Hermo, and Buterfly Malaysia! As usual, useful links below for you to check out!

Hermo Website:

shashay (5)

The Butterfly Project Website:

shashay (1)

Also, let me know what was under your Christmas tree this year!



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