Murad Face Treatment & Skin Analysis @Damansara Utama

“I can’t think of a more rewarding life than being able to help people look younger, feel healthier and live happier ” -Dr. Murad


Hello awesomesauces!

I’m back with a spanking, sparkling new blog post, and today, I’m taking you to Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya Uptown, to experience the magic of Murad Skincare! I’m sure most of you have heard of Murad Skincare before since its been around for a very long time. Personally, I’ve never tried any of their products, but I’ve heard good things about them.

Let me take a quick moment to thank HiShop Malaysia and Murad Malaysia for sponsoring this facial experience for me, so thank you very much HiShop & Murad! 🙂

A little intro about Murad Skincare, it was started up by Dr Howard Murad himself in 1989, who is a board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (Dermatology). His philosophy of beauty is that a healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out. which, in turn, creates a healthy environment for the skin.

Murad guarantees that transformation because only Murad combines advanced scientific research and practical clinical experience to create high performance skincare products, dietary supplements and lifestyle programs that help people look and feel their absolute best.*I agree with that, and I always say that in order to look good on the outside, you have to look good on the inside too.*

Murad Malaysia has been around for 10 years now, and has two exclusive salons, one in Damansara Utama, and the other at the Empire Mall in Subang, and more than 50 selected salons all around Malaysia. *Links at the bottom of post*

Murad Damansara Utama is conveniently located right beside the Sprint Highway and is not too far from the Taman Bahagia LRT train station as well. Parking may be an issue here since it is PJ, so be forewarned.

shashay (3)You’ll be greeted with a clean fresh scent and a wide array of products from Murad Skincare the moment you step into the salon, and the ambiance is very cool, calm and inviting.

shashay (4)

Also, they have a Beauty Bar, where patrons can try out the whole range of Murad products! I went a little cray cray when I saw this!

shashay (6)

The Beauty Bar

I was greeted by Evis Tan, the Centre Manager of Murad Damansara Utama, who promptly explained to me about the Murad products, their properties, history as well as what the whole facial process would be like, and the treatments I would be receiving once we’ve established my skins needs and problems.

First off, to the consultation room to have a deeper look into my skin! Oh BTW, they have special lockers so that you can keep your stuff safe while you’re doing your facial.

shashay (5)

This is the scanning machine,looks a little scary no? Trust me when I say the scanning results are scarier!


Please dont let my scary face scare you away! This was the dryness scan, whereby the yellow patches are dry skin! Quelle horreur!!

shashay (7)

Basically, the scanner checks for issues like spots, pores, roughness, wrinkles, acne and UV spots. My skins main concerns were UV spots and dryness, so my main treatments would include hydration, brightening and firming..
OMG. I always thought I had oily skin though… I guess this is due to work stresses, and always working in an air conditioned environment which has led my skin to be so dry and stressed.Anywhoo, my skins age is 24.07 years old, which isn’t too bad since I’m only 24, but it could be better, and apparently some people have skin younger than their age.

Next up, the facial room! It was so cosy, and when I was in the facial, I kind of fell asleep. I seem to have a tendency of doing that. The facial that I did was the Hydration Treatment, since I have very dry skin. 

shashay (9)

Some of the products that were used on the day included The Refreshing Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Skin Perfecting Lotion, Advance Active Radiance Serum, and Oil Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30.To maximize effectiveness, Murad includes both water-based such as Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid and oil-based essential fatty acids and ceramides in their hydration products.

The whole facial treatment which costs around RM400 was 180 minutes long, and consisted of all of this:

  • Double cleanse with the Refreshing Cleanser
  • Pressure point face and shoulder massage
  • Double mask
  • Eye mask
  • Extraction
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer application

The specialty of my facial treatment was the hydration aspect which hydrates, brightens, plumps up , revitalizes and refreshes the skin. My facial treatment also prevents skin moisture loss and replenish hydration and moisture of the skin. The hydrated effect lasted me up to 4  days after the facial, Overall, I liked the facial, since I did fall asleep, LOL. The part I didn’t fancy was the extraction of course, since it hurt 😦 Evis did ask me if the pressure was too much, and of course, like a macho woman I had to say no. =_=”  The facial was something I really needed, and it helped me de-stress ASAP.

The massage was super awesome, I could feel all my stresses just melting away, and the instrumental music playing in the background sent me to dreamland…. All the products smelt heavenly, which I likes, since some facial products smell very chemical-ly. Evis and I had a nice chat through out the facial, and she talked me through the entire facial steps, and use of products. She also gave me handy tips to further take care of my skin, like the type of products I need to enhance my skin condition, and to never skip sunscreen. *guilty*

After the facial, here is the results! A quick selfie before the facial, and one after. Do forgive the crazy hair, I just woke up! 😉 My skin felt more plump, visibly glowing, and it was so soft to touch. I kept touching my face after the facial just to feel the softness.

shashay (11)

After the facial, obviously I’m barefaced, and at this point most salons will be ushering you out the door already, but Murad has a cosmetic corner, where you can use their in-house cosmetics which has treatment properties and cosmetic ingredients. This was quite a surprise to me, since after facials, usage of makeup is highly discouraged.


cosmetic corner

I used the Dewy Finish Skin Perfecting Primer, together with the Blemish Treatment Concealer, and finished off with the Eye Lift Illuminator.


Murad Cosmetic Products

And here is a picture of me with Evis!

shashay (12)

Thank you Evis, I loved my facial experience!

On top of the facial, I got to bring home a Deluxe Sample Set of Murad Products to try and review. Always an added bonus when you bring home amazing products! The 5 products I received were the the Refreshing Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Cream, Advance Active Radiance Serum, and Oil Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30.


I’ve used up all the products, and only have the Refreshing Cleanser left to finish up. I must say, my favourite product of the lot is the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream, the one in the jar. Its very moisturizing, and my skin feels so much softer and hydrated now.

Its basically a simple 5 step process of using the products, cleanse, apply toner, apply the serum, moisturizer, and finally the sunscreen.

A quick review of the products

# Refreshing Cleanser

shashay (5)

Scent: A very berry scent, has a slight fruity scent to it as well.
Application: Simply lather onto wet skin.
Lather: It lathers really well, you only need a small amount to get the whole face, and its really creamy and milky.
End result: I think it leaves my skin feeling very smooth, and it is very moisturizing. After a few days using the cleanser, my skin feels more clean and glowy.

#Refreshing Toner


Scent: Similar scent to the cleanser, berry and fruity.
Application: Love the fact that the toner requires no cotton pad, just spray onto face, and pat.
Result: My skin feels refreshed! =)

# Active Radiance Serum

shashay (1)

Scent: Smells herbal, a little like Chinese herbs.
Application: Simply pat on, and apply.
End Result: Leaves a warm tingly feeling on the skin, and lightly oily. As you can see, my skin looks clear and fresh!

# Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream

shashay (3)

Scent: Smells like milk.
Application: Simply pat on, and apply.
End Result: Leaves a layer of thick moisture on the skin, and skin is left feeling more oily than usual.

#Oil Free Sunscreen 

shashay (4)

Scent: Smells herbal, like the Active Radiance Serum.
Application: Simply pat on, and apply.
End Result: Skin is left with a layer of thick sunscreen, and after application of all 5 products, skin looks a little oily, but i usually blot after an hour or two to reduce the shine.

So what do you think after looking at my skin? Murad for the win? Let me know in the comments! And as usual, all useful links at the bottom! =)

On a last note, I enjoyed my facial tremendously and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to experience the magic of Murad. Personally, the products are amazing, and I would definitely want to go again and repurchase the products and experience the follow up treatments. On a side note though, the products and facial treatments are on the pricey side, so if you’re on a budget, Murad may be out of the question. Product wise,they work amazing to combat dry skin, but they leave my skin a tad too oily, and I don’t like oily looking skin. However, considering the fact that I have very dry skin, oil may be a good thing for now. And there’s always oil blotters! 

If you are interested to purchase some Murad’s products, Murad is providing a FREE Complimentary Skin Treatment voucher for every purchase of Murad Products on HiShop in the month of December 2013 to January 2014! So hop on to HiShop and go check them out! All the starter kits are priced at RM168-RM188.

Link to purchase Murad products:

And guess what, for all my readers you get the below!

RM20 rebate for all my awesomesauce readers.
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Address: 54, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Hope you lot enjoyed the post! 



34 thoughts on “Murad Face Treatment & Skin Analysis @Damansara Utama

  1. the facial and massage was awesome right ^_^ i wasnt informed about their makeup counter, maybe because i just did facial for blemished skin so definitely not encouraged to use makeup at all, haha! and the products I received too are different from yours except for the hydro dynamic moisturizer. I wanna say that the moisturizer is my favourite as well, it really plumps and hydrates my skin but too oily i only wear it at night

    • Hi Mieza! Yeap, the facial and massage was SO good! The make-up counter was nice,at least you dont have to go out barefaced.. I agree, the moisturizer is heavy, but definitely works to hydrate the skin, and I noticed all of us have products too! =)

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  3. This was a lovely post! You are so lucky that you got to try this out Sasha!! :)) I loved the selfies! Gorgeous!! And your skin did look really fresh and glowing! Happy new year luv ❤

  4. The facial sounds amazing! With Murad’s reputation, it must have been. Too bad that it is just too far out of my price range. Nice to pamper yourself every once in awhile though. 🙂

  5. OMG I want to stick my face in that scanner! 😀 This looks like Murad heaven! My mom uses some of the products from that line and loves them. I’ve never tried anything but I may give it a go 🙂 GIG

  6. wow, that looks like a great time, i would love to go to a facial bar to get the full on beauty facial/treatment 🙂 have never heard of the brand, but looks like a good company/brand. GIG

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  9. Great blog! Have you tried the Oil Free Sunscreen on its own, sans the other products? I have dehydrated oily skin and it has been really frustrating looking for a good sunscreen, that is oil free (even oil free can turn out greasy!), noncomodogenic and a great base for makeup. TIA!

    • Ahh you have the same skin as mine, dehydrated oily skin! In terms of sunscreen, I find this to be a great one, I don’t feel too greasy after, but it is on the thicker side, so you may need to pat and massage it on until its fully absorbed. I also use alternate it with the Yadah Sunblock which works really well for my skin! 🙂

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