[Review] Natta Cosme; Cerro Qreen Make-Up Brushes

Hello awesomesauces!

I return with a review today, so lemme introduce the star of this post, the Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set!  In all honesty, I have been thinking that the make-up brush brand was called Cerro QUeen instead of Cerro QReen. Tell me you made the same mistake too? 😉 LOL!

Confession time! I hoard make-up brushes. I own SO many of them, I’m ashamed to admit it. There isn’t a reason to why I own so many brushes, call me insane or the crazy brush lady, but seriously, I think I may have serious hoarder issues. Make-up brushes are important, don’t you think so? The tools you use to create art must be of good quality to ensure your art is amazing as well.

Usually I purchase my brushes separately, since buying them in a set can easily set you back anywhere from RM300-RM500 ++.  But when I saw the Cerro Qreen brushes from Natta Cosme, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the set cost only RM36.90 !  And the lucky girl that I am, I got picked by Natta Cosme to review these babies!

A shoutout to Natta Cosme for being a champ, and delivering the brushes to me in no time at all, whilst keeping me updated until I got them! Thank you for sponsoring the brushes Natta Cosme , heart you forever! 

Here are my box of goodies, right on time for Christmas.

shashay (2)

I love the fact Natta Cosme always does sweet things for its customers, in this case, they included a Ferrero Rocher chocolate for me to nom!

shashay (3)

On to the review. Whoosshh!

The Cerro Qreen Brushes are from the USA, since they are based there. They come in a set of 7 brushes, packed neatly in a soft, pink,PU leather case (it is so soft I want to hug it and caress it all the time). It also comes with a long strap which I have been loving since I can just wrap it around the case in less than 2 seconds and I’m good to go! Easy for travelling too.


They’re all packed neatly, and the fluffy powder brush comes with a brush guard too!

shashay (4)

As you can see, the brushes are pink in colour, and even the bristle tip too! Very girly and cute 🙂 I like the fact that the bristles are white in colour as I will know when I need to clean them. The OCD in me rejoices! My favourite brush is the big eye-shadow brush, since I use those brushes the most.

Individual review time! The 7 brushes are as follows:

  1. Your giant, fluffy, typical powder brush.
  2. A dense, big eye-shadow brush, ideal for packing on colour on to the lid.
  3. A dense, medium eye-shadow brush, perfect for those creases, and creating smokey eyes,
  4. A dense, small eye-shadow brush, for those inner corners and to highlight the brow bone.
  5. An eyeliner brush, for creating perfect,precise, crisp lines.
  6. The eyelash brush to style eyebrows as well as separate lashes before or after mascara application.

But really, brushes are versatile, you can use them for different applications. I remember using an eyeliner brush to pat concealer on once. *desperate times*


The thing about brushes in a set, I always have a feeling I might not use all of them, but in this case, I was wrong, because I can see myself using all these brushes, as they are basic brushes every make-up loving girl should own.

The brushes themselves are made from natural goat wool, and are 0.05 mini fibres, which means more product pickup, and better packing.The fibres themselves are have anti-bacterial properties, not sure how though, which means if you are sensitive to to natural animal bristles, this brushes may be something you want to try. The fibres also don’t shed! I tried pulling on them to be sure, and nothing!

The brush handles are made of synthetic material rods, which is amazing since natural wood brush handles have a tendency to get ruined when it comes into contact with water.

These brushes feel super soft on the skin, and I couldn’t wait to try them out, so I used my Naked 3 palette and created a simple look. You can check out my Naked 3 review here as well!

This is a look I did with the Cerro Qreen eye-shadow brushes. The colours I used were Strange on the brow bone (Big Eye-shadow Brush) , Burnout all over the lids (Big Eye-shadow Brush), Trick on the crease (Medium Eye-shadow Brush), and Darkside (Small Eye-shadow Brush) on the outer corners. And a bit of  Dust on the inner corner (Small Eye-shadow Brush) . And the eyeliner I used is the Loreal Super Liner Blockbuster . You can read my review on the liner here.

shashay (5)

Hope you guys like the look. 🙂

And once again, thank you Natta Cosme! I love my new brush set!

shashay (1)

Tell me what you think about the post, and if you would want to try these brushes as well!. They are available in many other colours as well, like purple, blue, and black. And Natta Cosme is having a sale for these brushes too, currently they’re only retailing at RM29.52/ USD10. So check them out before they get sold out! I know for a fact these pink ones I have are already sold out days ago.

As usual, useful links:

Natta Cosme Website: http://nattacosme.com

Link to purchase the make-up brushes: http://nattacosme.com/001-Make-Up/002-Make-Up-Tools

On a closing note, yes I love my new brush set, and I would use these brushes everyday! I’m thinking of purchasing a set for a giveaway, would guys want one too? Lemme know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “[Review] Natta Cosme; Cerro Qreen Make-Up Brushes

  1. Ur giveaway is juz at a perfect time wen Im in a dillemma of owning my own make up brush set….plz hav a giveaway shasha”

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