[Review] Clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo; Smooth and Manageable for Women

Hello awesomesauces!

So just a few weeks ago, I was having a very nice romantic cuddle session with the le boyf when he casually mentions, “hey love, you’ve got some flakes in your hair”, and of course I go OMFG WTF so embarrassing!  =_=” First of all, I didn’t even realize I had dandruff issues, so upon further scalp inspection by the boyf, yes, apparently I had A LOT of them.

Thankfully we’ve been together long enough to withstand me flaking all over his shoulder and clothes, so he tells me that when he used to have dandruff issues, it cleared up once he started using the Clear shampoo range. *pardon the pun*
And I thought, why not give Clear a shot?

I was using the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo at the time, and it was working to combat hair fall, but was causing me to produce dandruff instead. So I went and got myself this!

The Clear Nourishing Scalp Care Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Smooth and Manageable for Women.

shashay (2)

Clear Shampoo’s are endorsed by the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and for me, that’s credibility at its best.

Product Description: Its basically an anti dandruff shampoo formulated for women, for visibly aligned and manageable hair, and contains Nutrium 10, Vitamins E,C & B6, Panthenol, Glycerine, Lipids, Zinc & Sodium Minerals, and Amino Acids for a healthy, nourished scalp, & beautiful hair.

Nutrium 10 is the key ingredient for smooth and manageable hair, and it works by nourishing the scalp 3 layers deep, targets dandruff, itchiness associated with dandruff, and dryness at the source. Also it increases scalp’s natural resistance and strengthens hair from root to tip.

It also has Amino Align technology for tackling dry scalp and flyaway hair so that hair falls back into place perfectly.

Personal Opinion: Now I honestly don’t give a crap about smooth and manageable hair since my hair is pretty low maintenance anyway, and it generally stays straight most of the time. My main concern was to see if it really banished my dandruff  far far away. And let me just say, I’m a Clear convert now.

After using this shampoo for only 2 weeks, I can see that I have less flakes on my scalp, almost zero flakes on my clothes, and my hair is ACTUALLY smoother,softer and manageable compared to my pre-Clear era. So yes, if you have dandruff, I really would suggest this shampoo to you. I’m really amazed since for once, I’m actually seeing a product that does what it claims, and this is my Holy Grail Shampoo for now! And my hair fall issues haven’t worsened since switching from the Himalaya one, which means this product kind of helps with hair fall too. I guess the Nutrium 10 is doing its job in strengthening my hair!

You can have a look at the ingredients in them, as well as the texture and colour of the shampoo below.

shashay (1)

I really don’t have any complaints about this shampoo, it smells amazing,the scent can be described as floral, it lathers very nicely too. The shampoo has a very nice pinky purply, milky texture and colour, and it looks very pleasant. The only thing I want to highlight is the fact that it contains sulphates in them, which I know is not good for the hair, but until I completely eradicate my dandruff issues, I’m willing to deal with sulphates. If you cant stand the idea of sulphates in your hair, stay away from Clear, since most of their shampoos contain them.

I cant wait to meet le boyf again and show him my new and improved, dandruff-less hair! Now I can cuddle with no fear of dandruff 🙂

This  shampoo retails for Rm11.00/ 180 ml and Rm18.50/ 350ml and can be found at most hypermarkets, supermarket and department stores in Malaysia.

Just a disclaimer here, I bought the shampoo with my own money, based on the suggestion of my boyfriend, and this isn’t an endorsed or sponsored review. I just loved it too much, was amazed at the fact that it worked magic on my hair, and decided to share this with you lot.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have been mortified by dandruff just like I have.

PS: This is my 95th blog-post and I’m going to organize a giveaway on the 100th post! What would you like to see as a giveaway gift?? Comment and your wish may just come true! 😉



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