Beauty Buzz: Previse Skin Care EE’s have arrived!

Hello awesomesauces!

Yeap, you read that right, the EE we were expecting is here! We embraced the BB, welcomed the CC, the DD didn’t really make it big, but now we have the latest addition to the family, lil EE, designed to exfoliate skin.

For background purposes, the BB (Blemish/Beauty Balm) cream is basically an all-in-one tinted moisturizer that also has anti-aging benefits and offers sun protection. The CC (Color Correction) cream came next, and that is supposed to do everything a BB cream does and reduce redness. Then the “Dynamic Do-All” DD cream was introduced as a super product that evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of pores, etc.

And now, introducing the EE.

There are already a few EE creams on the market, like Omorovicza’s Elemental Emulsion moisturizer, which moisturize and mattify, making them entirely different products than Previse Skincare’s exfoliating cream.

Previse Skin Care is going to be launching their latest product, the EE [Extra Exfoliating] MarineGranules Exfoliating Gel, and they have got the beauty world all abuzz with anticipation already even though the product release date is only set in March 2014!


According to Previse Skincare, the product, which will retail for 40USD, features ingredients like oatmeal, bamboo stem powder, marine algae extract and jojoba beads for abrasion-free exfoliation. It is designed to buff the skin while soothing it and the amount used can be personalized for a consumer’s skin needs. And like all Previse products,the formula is sensitive skin friendly and does not contain silicones,preservatives,synthetic oils,dyes or fragrances.

Since exfoliating is a vital step in keeping the skin in its best condition, using an EE first will certainly help enhance the smoothing and tone-correcting effects of BB, CC and DD creams and it seems to work together with the BB, CC and DD to provide a more wholesome skin care regiment.

The EE MarineGranules are designed to work with any cleanser, and will blend and compound very nicely.

Previse Skincare EE Marine Granules is set to launch in March in the US, and the brand is looking to enter Australia by 2015. I guess this means it may hit Asia a little late, but if Sephora manages to deliver, then awesome news for us Malaysian beauty lovers!

What do you think?

Would you try the EE cream, cant wait for the ZZ creams to finally hit the market, or are you already sick of seeing all these double lettered creams in the market? Let me know! 🙂

More information available on the Previse Website:



27 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz: Previse Skin Care EE’s have arrived!

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  2. Wow this is true! My idea of having DD and EE and so on was just like, not serious. I love this EE! I like exfoliating my skin. I hope it hits the market here in my country! gig

  3. At least it’s not another foundation-ish cream makeup. I think this skincare product is a fresh change from the trend. I’ve used BB creams and I’m not a fan of the sheer coverage and grayish tone most of them give. I also think that BB, CC and DD creams are all somehow like variants of foundation, only with lighter coverage. Come to think of it, there isn’t much difference between BB/CC/DD creams and light-coverage foundations. A lot of foundations out there also contain moisturizers, anti-aging ingredients, SPF, and even primers, plus they can achieve what these double-lettered creams can do, so they’re all pretty similar. Lol :))

  4. I didn’t know there’s EE now. lol I haven’t even tried DD yet. I’m currently looking for a exfoliator, I’d love to try this one but it’s too expensive.
    I’m definitely looking forward for the ZZ. Haha

  5. TBH, I’m a little over double-lettered creams and potions. But I do agree that exfoliation is a fundamentally important step in a decent skincare routine, and at least an EE cream is a practical addition to applying your BB or CC creams more easily 🙂

    • I kind of agree with Mae.. Earlier it was BB, CC, now EE and ZZ.. it’s a tad bit funny what they are upto. Personally, I finally brought myself to using BB and CC cream. I haven’t used the later two. I’ll keep an eye out. Amazing post! (:

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