Nyx Roll On Shimmer Review : Walnut

Hello awesomesauces!

The first post of February is here!

So the other day I was doing my usual Sephora browsing/stalking, and obviously I headed over to the NYX counter ; they have the best stuff at super affordable prices! I picked up a couple of stuff, including this one eye pencil which I’m loving, I’ll do a review ASAP, and one of the other products was the NYX Roll On Shimmer. NYX has a whole range of shades to choose from and I was torn between the earthy shades of Walnut, Nude and  Almond.

Finally picked up Walnut since it was the least ostentatious colour on my skin, and had a lovely earthy shade which I can use on a daily basis 🙂

shashay (1)

shashay (2)

The Roll On Shimmers come in a tube, which is roll on, duh, but I would recommend not using the tube outright as the glitters do get everywhere. You’d need an eye brush to avoid looking like a hot mess. The glitter is quite powdery, so a little would go a long way with these babies.

The swatch on the left is just one quick swipe, and the right one shows 2 swipes. See how glittery and sparkly they are? Reminds me of Dazzle Dusts 🙂

Walnut is described as iced mocha with silver glitters, which is exactly what it is. You can see the silver bits in the picture on the right.

shashay (3)

They colours are lovely aren’t they? After using them, I realized a couple of things.

You can apply this all over your eyelid by itself for that subtle sparkle, or you can use this at the outer corners for a nice finish or in the middle of the eyelid to give that extra ooomphh to your eye makeup.The colour shows up very sheer when blended, so if you’re looking for an intense look, just pat this on with your eye brush.

A primer is a must with these shimmers or they will fall out and you’ll look like the 4th of July parade =) I also noticed that they wash out with water very easily, so no jumping into pools with this!

I sometimes use this with the Maybelline Colour tattoos as a base, add in some Factory from my Naked 3 palette, and then Walnut on the outer corners.

I also tried using the shimmers with a giant fluffy brush, and lightly dusted it all over my chest and shoulder, and it shows up beautifully! It would look so good on a night out or a date even 😉

Have you tried using the Roll on Shimmers before? NYX has about 12 colours to choose from so I’m thinking of getting more, maybe going back for Almond and Nude. If you’ve tried them let me know what you think of them, and what your favourite shades are!

They retail for RM19 at all Sephora Malaysia outlets.

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15 thoughts on “Nyx Roll On Shimmer Review : Walnut

  1. What is it with grown women and shimmers.. my daughter is 9 and she loves them and I’m a good 2 decades older (maybe more, shhshh) and I love them too. Have yet to properly explore NYX and all they have to offer but I do agree, that they’re one of those brands that are very value for money in terms of variety and quality. 🙂

  2. i really admire NYX for its quality product and affordable prices. i have tried their various eyes products and i never regret buying any. which means this product is a must try for me. although i was unaware of this product yet :/ thanks to u for bringing it up on your blog. 🙂

  3. This looks nice for everyday shade wise. I also like using sparkly/glittery eyeshadow because my eyes are naturally dark so I need something to brighten them up.

  4. I swatched this when I was Arpita at Sephora and I was really impressed with the payoff and texture of this. Amazing price too! She mentioned that you wrote a great post on this so here I am. I am finding that NYX is one of those drugstore brands that has products that often outperform some of the designer goodies.

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