La Belle Paris Skin Care Part 2: Ampoules & Essences

If you’ve read Part 1, you know whats coming. If you haven’t, PRREEASEE click here and read up first!

Part 2 of the La Belle series today will be reviewing their amazing, magical ampoules & essences, and I KID YOU NOT, this stuff is amazing for your skin 🙂 I had my initial reservations about these ampoules, and I’m glad to report that the ampoules are definitely an A+ in my books.

Ampoules? What are they, what do they do, and why are they important? 


Ampoules are basically airtight glass containers that are filled with highly active ingredients, and usually contain botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes in various combinations and do not have any chemicals.

And if you’re wondering what the extracts in the La Belle ampoules are, click here to read up on them. A quick read through will tell you they contain Hyaluronic acid, Sodium PCA, Ascorbic Acid,  Aloe Vera and much more.

Facial ampoules are designed to address different skin conditions and usually, visible results are achieved within a short time after usage. Ampoules usually have a short shelf life, and in La Belle’s case, only 3 days after opening the seal.

La Belle Ampoules come in a tiny 3.5 ml bottle, in a box of ten, to last you a month. Now 3.5 ml may seem like a tiny amount, but I found myself struggling to finish off one ampoule bottle in 3 days.

A little goes a long way with these babies.


La Belle has 10 different types of ampoules for specific skin conditions, the 10 types being:
(The ones in bold underlined are the ones I received)

  • La Belle Vita C Plus Ampoule
  • La Belle Sooth Hydrating Ampoule
  • La Belle Pore Minimizing Ampoule
  • La Belle Lifting Astringent Ampoule 
  • La Belle Fair Make-Up Ampoule 
  • La Belle Eye Luxe Ampoule
  • La Belle Éclair Ampoule
  • La Belle Collagen Repair Ampoule 
  • La Belle Clarifying Ampoule
  • La Belle Acnex Ampoule

La Belle also has a few types of Essences available, the types being:
(The ones in bold underlined are the ones I received)

  • La Belle Face Lift Contour with Soy Peptide Essence
  • La Belle Caviar Essence
  • La Belle Gold Essence
  • La Belle Hydra Essence
  • La Belle Lightening Essence

Essences are pretty similar to ampoules, but essences  usually contain  lower concentrations of active ingredients compared to the ampoules, so if your skin is sensitive to anything super highly active, you can switch to using the essences instead.

Now there is a whole lot of products up there, (i know) so which one is suitable for you?  Thankfully, La Belle actually has a quick guide to selecting with ampoules and essences which will work best for different skin conditions.

recommended ampoule essence

If this table gives you a headache , Cheryl from who sells these ampoules will be more than happy to guide you to the right kind for your skin. She’s super nice, trust me, I had long email conversations with her about these ampoules.

How to use them ? During the day, I pat them onto my skin before my moisturizer, and then I slap on my sunscreen, make up and I’m good to go. At night, I use the ampoules before my night cream, and off to bed 😉

Consistency: The ampoules are in a weird consistency, they’re watery and feel a little sticky to me. They soak into the skin and dry up really fast and the stickiness is gone though.

shashay (2)

Scent: The ampoules do not have any distinguishable scent.

End Result: Since I tried out a mixture of ampoules , I had different results from each of them. And considering I only used each type for about 6 days, I can’t really tell a major difference, all I could see were slow positive changes, but changes nevertheless.

The Fair Make Up does indeed act as a base for make up, and allows my skin care products and make up to smooth over beautifully. It’s really thick in consistency, thicker than the rest of the ampoules.

The Lifting Astringent acts more like a toner to me, it’s very light and refreshing.

The Pore Minimizing ones don’t do much for me since I don’t actually have open pores. Not much results from this one for me. If you have open pores, you may want to test this out.

The Sooth Hydrating ampoule feels cool on the skin, and if you’re having sun-burnt skin, redness, or itchiness, it really helps. I had some redness from a pimple, and I smoothed this baby on, and no more redness!

The Collagen Repair ampoule plumps up the skin, it kind of acts like bee venom serum if you have that before. It gives off a firmer, more hydrated vibe for the skin.

The Hydra Essence is probably my favourite, since its light, and it REALLY hydrates my skin. I have pretty dry skin, and this just makes my skin look so much healthier! 

As you can see, I finished up all my ampoules 🙂 Now I’m thinking, what do I do with the bottles?

shashay (1)

 I loved trying out the ampoules, and I’m keeping this as part of my skin care routine. I think I might be repurchasing the Fair Make Up, Hydra Essence and The Collagen Repair. Which one would you wanna try out? Let me know in the comments!

All Ampoules are sold in a box of 10 vials of the same type:
Purchase First 4 Boxes @ RM 38.00 per box
For 5 boxes and above @ RM 35.00 per box


  • For any purchase above RM100, do quote “Sweet Shasha” and you will be entitled to a 15% discount plus you get a free gift as well!
  • Purchase above RM100 and get a special PWP price for these items!

 La Belle Marine Face Scrub @ RM40 per bottle (Original Price RM 55)
La Belle Paris Rose Toner @ RM30 per bottle (Original Price RM 40)

 For more information, do click on the links below:

Facebook Page:

For now, have a grrreat Friday, and an awesome weekend ahead of you!

And have some Tom Hiddleston  ❤




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