Tanya Burr Makeup

Hello awesomesauces!

If you are anything like me, you probably watch a lot of Youtubers, especially make up gurus, and some of my personal favourites includes Zoella, Juicystar07, and of course, Tanya Burr.

And imagine my excitement when I found out Tanya was going to release a make up line!

Yeap, the products have been released on feelunique.com and are going to be released in UK stores in the next few months. HOWEVER, I highly doubt we will be getting the line here in Malaysia, unless Sephora magically decides to carry the line. ūüė¶

For now, the line only carries lip glosses and nail polishes, and I’m assuming the rest of the products will be following suit in the next year or so.

Even though we may not be able to get these products, but for now, lets enjoy pictures of the makeup shall we?


Lip glosses:   12 lovely shades in shimmer as well as cream. 
They retail for GBP 6.99.

The shimmer lip glosses include Heart Skipped a Beat, Smile, Dream, Sparkle, Aurora, Afternoon Tea, & Champagne Toast.

The Cream ones are Chic, First Date, Lets Travel The World, Picnic In the Park, Exotic Island, Just Peachy &Vampire Kiss.


And the nail polishes come in 10 shades which are Peaches & Cream, Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You, Little Duck, Mini Marshmallows, Bright and Early, Mischief Managed, Riding Hood, Midnight Sparkles, New York Night,  &Penguin Chick.

They retail for GBP 5.99.

So pretty aren’t they?And I love how the names of the glosses and polishes are related to fairy tales, movies and food! Love the Harry Potter reference, Mischief Managed!

What do you think of the line? Any favourites so far? Mine would be the Vampire Kiss & Aurora lip gloss and the Midnight Sparkle nail polish.

Have a closer look at the products on the website:

Lip Gloss: http://www.feelunique.com/p/Tanya-Burr-Lip-Gloss-38g
Nail Polish: http://www.feelunique.com/p/Tanya-Burr-Nail-Polish-60g

The pictures & info are from: Katies Beauty Blog


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