Wacoal Thailands’s “My Beautiful Woman” Videos Commemorate Women Everywhere

If you’ve been doing your regular rounds of Youtube, would would have noticed the recent Wacoal Thailand videos making its mark, and making people worldwide shed a tear or two. (even the boys 😉 )

I know this isn’t a beauty review, but since most of my readers are women, mothers, ladies & girls, I thought I’d share this, just to celebrate how truly amazing it is to be a woman.

Wacoal Thailand, one of the oldest brands of lingerie in Thailand, as part of their Beauty Inside campaign have created a 3 short film series to celebrate the strength of the ordinary woman. 

The 3 videos depict three different women and the sacrifices they make for the people in their life, and are based on true events. The videos celebrate the power of a woman, and the secret sacrifices they make for their loved ones.The videos are in Thai, but with English subtitles, and is narrated by a man who is telling the story of his beautiful woman.


Credits to Google Image

Each video is about 7 minutes long, and if you watch the videos closely, you’ll notice they’re linked to each other.These videos are shot very beautifully, with the actors playing their role convincingly. 

Personally, part 3 of the series, about Jane and her daughter June, was the one with all the feels. If it was a full blown movie, I might have just sat through the whole movie with tears in my eyes. And I know most of my girlfriends who watched the video definitely shed some tears. 😦

Picture Credit: Google Images

Picture Credit: Google Images

Each video ends with the message of “Wacoal believes all women were created to be beautiful” .

I love how the videos show us that there is more to a person that what meets the eye, and that you’ll never know the strength of a woman until she’s pushed far enough and have followed their hearts. The men narrate the story beautifully, and once you’ve watched the videos, you’ll know why these women are their “Beautiful Woman”.

Watch part 1, 2, & 3 below.

1. A Mother’s Choice

2. The Missing Employee

3. Jane’s Secret

Have a watch, and keep a tissue or two for the incoming tears.



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