Nyx Retractable Eye Liner Review : Of Silky Cashmere & New Found Loves

I know, I haven’t blogged in a few days now, please don’t shoot *raises hands in the air*

I try to blog as much as I can, but sometimes I do get caught up with something I like to call life,  and I also have been enjoying some lazy days & catching up my favourite TV shows like  Modern Family & HIMYM, plus I just had a really lovely weekend shopping outing with my girlfriends, so I’m all refreshed, energized and super duper motivated  to start blogging now 😉

If you read my NYX Roll on Shimmer Review, I mentioned an eye liner that I was loving very much, an I’ll tell you exactly why you should own one of these lovely liners!

shashay (1)

First of all, its NYX, so you know its affordable and has great quality. Thumbs up if you’re a NYX fan!

Secondly, lets talk eye liner. Tell me you have at least 10-15 eye liners lying around in your make-up drawers, because I think I have wayyyy more, and I need someone to justify my addiction to eye liners. I absolutely adore eyeliners, and I probably have them in every shade imaginable although I mostly use my brown, black & sometimes blue ones when I’m feeling a little wild. 😉

A little about these retractable eye liners by NYX. They come in 18 shades, but Sephora Malaysia only carries 3 shades at the moment, which is Black, Silky Cashmere and Olive Green. 😦

Really Sephora, you couldn’t give us all 18 shades?  

I must tell you, the swatches of the rest of the 15 shades are gorgeous! I had a look online, and I know I really must get my hands on the Gypsy Blue, Deep Blue & Purple.

The NYX Retractable Eye Liner in the shade Silky Cashmere comes in a very creamy, pinky-brown colour with shimmery finish and looks absolutely divine. The eye liner is retractable, which is GREAT, because I hate sharpening my pencils, and I hate the wood of the pencils that sometimes poke you in the eye. =_=”

shashay (2)

The swatch looks great on medium brown tones skin like mine and gives off a very Cleopatra vibe. It slides on creamily, and  produces such a lovely glow!

shashay (4)

The liner lasts approximately 8-9 hours in our Malaysian tropical weather, and it doesn’t budge at all.

Personal Comments: I love using this liner to line my lower lash line and it really makes my eyes look so sparkly!

And you know how make up artists say white eyeliner brings out a pop in our eyes? THEY LIE.


Well at least they are lying to all the brown skinned girls.

Brown girls and white eyeliner do not mix together, so if you’re brown skinned like me and you need that pop, I suggest Silky Cashmere. The gold flecks in the liner brings out our lovely olive skin tone and gives us the glow we’re looking for. *throws white liners out of the window*

The Retractable Eye Liner retails for RM20 and is available at all Sephora Malaysia stores.

Note: I had to go to 3 different Sephora’s to track these babies down. They get sold out super fast and the Sephora staff always tell me they’re out of stock. They also tell me that the NYX Liquid Illuminator is out of stock everywhere and I cant get my hands on them too. Damnit.

If you see the Liquid Illuminator in stock somewhere, can you readers please buy me one? 😦

Let me know in the comments if this is something you would want to get for yourself, and if you’ve used similar liners before! I need your thoughts!

Oh and BTW, I got my hands on some Hydraluron during my shopping trip, and I’m excited to try it out! Have you used it? Any results? Stay tuned if you want an in depth review of Hydraluron 🙂




24 thoughts on “Nyx Retractable Eye Liner Review : Of Silky Cashmere & New Found Loves

  1. Oh the moment I saw the color I though it was perfect for the waterline for bringing out the eye! I totally agree with you.. white doesn’t not go with our brown skin tone!

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