5 Fashion Picks Of The Month : Fabspy

Hello awesomesauces!!

A quickie fashion post today for you fashion loving ladies, & gents too maybe? 🙂

Now I may have mentioned Fabspy once, or twice, and maybe even more. I stalk their website while at work, and almost on a daily basis. *To my manager, don’t kill me if you read this.* I love their fashion, style and the items they curate are exceptionally gorgeous.

Personally, I have a few items sitting in my shopping bag which I am guilty of having yet to click ‘checkout’ and pay for, but I’ll do it in the next few days once I’ve got my pay check, YAY!!! 

But here a a few items that I have been drooling for, and loving on their website. Have a look, and if you fall in love with any of the items, get them quick before any one else snaps them up as items on Fabspy get sold out REALLY fast!


shashay (2)

This happens to be a personal favourite of mine, and I love the geometric prints (which are always so slimming), but it was the bright colours that caught my eye!

shashay (3)

Lace shorts.Definitely a staple for any festival loving, boho inspired girl. This pair would go so great with a flowy top and the best part? This piece is on sale 😉

shashay (4)

This is something I call comfort clothes. A slouchy, baggy sweater that you can pair up with skinny jeans and head off for a quick shop in the mall, or even for casual Fridays at work. And yes, this item is on sale too.

shashay (5)

The prints on the top is what caught my eye! Isn’t it lovely? I’d pair this up with my lace shorts, or tuck it into a pair of jeans, pair it up with boots, and I’m ready for a night out with the girls!

shashay (1)

And of course, shoes. Every girl needs shoes. 50 pairs just couldn’t be enough. A great pair of shoes make or break an outfit and this laced bootie is perfect for dresses, jeans,or even mini skirts *if you dare* 🙂

Have a look on Fabspsy, and let me know if you find anything that tickles your fancy over there!
Head over to http://fabspy.com like NOW 🙂



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