Novexpert Paris : Repulp Mask, The 10 Minutes Expert

Its been a while since I did a HiShop review hasn’t it? 🙂

A big thanks to the people from HiShop and Novexpert, because I have something new for you lot to explore today!

Allow me to introduce the Novexpert Paris The Repulp Mask Express Anti Aging Care!
( Why are products always a mouthful?)

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I was quite excited to receive this as it promises baby soft skin in just 10 minutes!

As usual HiShop style, this item came in a bright red box a la Dorothy.

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If you have never shopped at HiShop before, they promise free delivery for purchases over Rm50, secure payment systems and even COD!

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The mask box comes in a very simple, clean and crisp white packaging, and looks like something you would find on a pharmacy shelf  since it looks quite clinical to me, which makes a lot of sense since the mask was formulated in collaboration with Dr Colletta, a Doctor of Science and member of the Novexpert Scientific Committee.

Le handsome Dr Colletta 😉

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It even comes with a leaflet in the box, just like how it is when you buy products at the pharmacy! (with 10 languages or so mind you)

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Novexpert was founded by researches and doctors specializing in skin aging to create formulas & discover the fountain of youth, and most of their products focus on anti aging, anti wrinkles and etc, so if anti aging is one of your main missions in life, do have a peep at the products at Novexpert.

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Product Description: This mask is  designed to treat stressed and aging skin by restoring comfort and re-plumping the skin, resulting in a baby-soft complexion. How does it do that?  The mask uses ultra-high concentration of two pure hyaluronic acids with immediate “lipo-filling” action, and as we all know, hyaluronic acid is the best thing that ever happened to skin care! (Hyaluronic acid is a moisture booster which slows down aging)

You can watch  this 30 second video I found on Youtube which shows you how the Novexperts’  Hyaluronic acid works on the skin.

The mask is best used by skin that is always exposed to the cold, hot sun, pollution, and skin that has massive dryness issues. Its also perfect if you are the outdoorsy kind and are always exposed to the outside, or if you need a special mask for that night out 🙂

The mask come with a specific set of “Expert” guarantees which include:

  • Its tested under dermatological control
  • Its guaranteed hypoallergenic
  • Its guaranteed 100 % natural origin
  • Its guaranteed 0 %preservative

The mask comes in a 50 ml tube, which makes dispensing a breeze. Don’t you just hate jar/tub packagings?

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Since this product promises anti aging, who can use this mask? I know you 20 somethings out there are thinking. “I’m still young and wrinkle free, I don’t need this!” . Trust me, anti aging starts early and yes, you may not have wrinkles now, but wait a few more years, and muahahahaha, come forth ye wrinkles! 😉

Anyone can use this mask, men, women, sensitive skin (since its hypoallergenic), and even you young 20 somethings out there!

The Repulp Mask promises baby soft skin in 10 minutes, and I’m about to put this baby to the test. 🙂

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Directions of use:  I apply a thick layer of the mask to my cleansed and dry face and décolleté and avoiding the eye area. If you have normal skin, leave the mask on for 10 minutes, and if you have very dry skin, do it for 15 instead. The mask is to be used twice a week for best results. You need a small amount for the whole face, like the new 50 cent coin size.

The mask has a thick, creamy, paste consistency, and even smells a little clinical to me.It has a very pleasant scent but very medicinal at the same time. As a mask, it doesn’t contain those granules you normally see, but its just a standard cream mask.

On top of that, you know how most masks always make your skin feel super tight, and you cant move for fear of your mask cracking? This doesn’t do that! I could pull faces like Cara Delevigne with this mask on!

shashay (2)

I used this mask for 15 minutes , since I have dry skin at the moment. (I can thank the Malaysian weather for that)

I walked around my apartment while it was drying, watched a bit of Modern Family, drank some yogurt juice and 15 minutes later, here are my results!

This how thick I applied the mask on 🙂

shashay (2)

I know you cant feel my skin (I’m still waiting for that technology) , but my skin feels so much softer and I feel so radiant!! I couldn’t stop touching my skin after using the mask! 


Personal thoughts: I love the scent of the mask even though it smells very clinical. If you have sensitivity to scents, then you may not like the scent, but the mask does what it says. Plump, soft skin in 10 minutes! The mask comes of easily with water and leaves a very soft silky feeling on the skin, and I follow up with my Murad cleanser just to remove any traces of the mask, and skin is visibly softer and brighter. The price is a little turn off since a tiny 50 ml tube is Rm120, but if it works, why not? 🙂 On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate this an 8 just for delivering what it promised!

If you’re just as convinced as I am on this mask, have a look at   for their complete range of anti aging skin care products, and who knows, your Holy Grail product may just be this mask!

HiShop was kind enough to send me some vouchers for my next shopping trip with them, so thank you again HiShop! 

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And yes, and HiShop has something for my readers as well! If you’re shopping at later today , here’s a rebate code for you!

Exclusive RM20 rebate for my readers: NOV14
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 March 2014

Do have a look at what HiShop has to offer apart from Novexpert .I used the Carol Priest skin care range from them before this, and I loved it so much!

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Meanwhile, I’m going to keep touching my soft skin and continue to be amazed at how soft it is!!

Let me know if you have any secrets to soft baby skin 🙂



26 thoughts on “Novexpert Paris : Repulp Mask, The 10 Minutes Expert

  1. Never heard of this brand before but anything with Hyaluronic Acid is interesting .. it’s amazing what is does for keeping the moisture in the skin.. looking good Shasha and kudos for yet another informative review 🙂

  2. Looks like a great product and I agree, we should look after our skin while we are young. I have tried some products with hyaluronic acid before and though I do not see the effects immediately, I think I will thank it when I am older haha

  3. There’s definitely a glow to your skin. And I love that the packaging is simple and sophisticated. It gives me more confidence in brands that don’t litter too much madness all over their packaging. That’s what inserts are for!

  4. Clinical smelling products are not my cult favorite but if the product is promising and delivers fab results than I don’t mind giving it a try 😀 This sounds so amazing !!!

  5. This seems like such a good product. Wish I could try it out too! Whenever my skin is softer from a product, I can’t resist touching my face over and over even if I shouldn’t. Haha.

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