[Review] Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Au Naturel Palette


I apologize for the dramatic intro, but that is exactly how I feel for not discovering Sleek MakeUP eye-shadows earlier in life. 🙂

Oh yes, and its the last day of February, so Happy End of February guys!!!

If you remember, a while back, I hauled some stuff from Luxola (read that post here), and the Au Naturel Palette was one of my purchases in the lot. At that time, I was utterly obsessed with my Naked 3 palette, (I still kind of am), but I wanted something less sparkly, and  a real neutral, earthy palette, and I ended up discovering the Au Natural Palette.

Sleek is a brand I have heard so much of, thanks to Zoella, Blair and the countless Youtube gurus I have watched, but I have never really tried any of their products except their Contour Kit, which is amazing BTW! Their products are inexpensive, and the quality of their makeup even fare better than some high end products.  They have 12 palettes in the i-Divine series, so you may be interested to check out the other 11 palettes here. They’re available on Luxola Malaysia, but I’m not sure where else we can get these palettes locally.

The palette comes in a very beautiful box, the red on the inside is just lovely!

On the back of the box we have basic instructions on how to create  smokey eyes, daytime eyes, & defined eyes, so if you’re a eye-shadow noob like me, you’ll appreciate these tips!


The palette comes in 12 shades of super-pigmented, long lasting, mineral based eye shadows, and the Au Naturel is a mixed palette full of matte and shimmery eye shadows!

This how the palette looks on the outside 😉
The case is plastic, and has a tendency to stain and pick up dust, but a good wipe will clean them and make it all nice again.

Sleek Au Natural (9)

The back of the palette.

Sleek Au Natural (2)


Sleek Au Natural (7)

As you can see, not so clearly though, we have 12 lovely shades, and a plastic cover with all the names of the shadows, and an eye-shadow brush. The brush is rubbish by the way, so you’re better off using your existing eye brushes.

Sleek Au Natural (11)

The palette comes with a decent sized mirror, so its definitely something that you can travel with.

Sleek Au Natural (10)

More close ups of the palette.

Sleek Au Natural (4)

First impressions, so far, so good. Shall we swatch em?

Below are light swatches of the shadows on my darker skin tone.

Nougat:  A matte, buttery, creamy shade which is a great highlight or base colour. Not so great pigmentation wise.

Nubuck: A matte, also very creamy and buttery shade, and with a very small hint of lilac in it. Pigementation is okay on this.

Cappucino: A matte, flesh coloured shade, with okay pigmentation.

Sleek Au Natural (8)

Honeycomb: A a matte beige,with a hint of yellow in it. Pigmentation is great.

Toast:  A matte light orange shadow. This shade is perfect for an all over lid shade for my tanned skin and this one has the best pigmentation of the light matte shades.

Taupe: A light shimmery champagne shade with hints of peach. Pigmentation is lovely!

Sleek Au Natural (13)

Conker: A shimmery dark purple. This is my ultimate favourite shade in the palette, and has a beautiful colour, plus it has GREAT pigmentation!! 😉

Moss: Its shimmery, but almost a matte as well, and is a dark olive-y green brown shade (I know that doesn’t make sense) with great pigmentation.

Bark: A dark matte brown with awesome pigmentation!

Sleek Au Natural (3)

Mineral Earth:  A shimmery dark brown. It is my second favourite shade in the palette, and colour payoff is amazing!

Regal: A matte dark purple. Perfect for smoky eye looks, and the pigmentation is utterly lovely!

Noir: A dark matte black. It is so dark and pigmented that I’m afraid to use too much of it lest I look like a panda!

Sleek Au Natural (12)

All 12 shades.

Sleek Au Natural (6)

And since my swatches are very light ones, I found a picture online with darker swatches from http://www.sarahassansblog.com/2011/09/sleek-makeup-au-naturel-palette-review.html for you.

Sleek Au Natural (1)

Personal Thoughts: This palette has great colours, and great payoff as well. Fall out is very minimal compared to the Naked 3. Out of the 12 shades, 8 are matte and 4 are shimmery, which is great because I was looking for more matte shades anyways because I don’t really fancy wearing sparkly shadows to work. Even then, the Sleek shimmer shadows aren’t ‘in your face’ kind of shimmers, which is awesomesauce! The shadows last all day, provided you put an eye primer on, if not, the lighter shades WILL fade as the day passes. I’m actually really happy that I bought this palette, and I have been using it quite often nowadays, which means my Naked 3 is lying in the corner by itself. 

The palette is available at luxola.com/my for RM51.50 (but is on sale for RM43.50 at the moment), and it always goes out of stock pretty quickly, so if you really want this, I’d suggest wait-listing yourself, which is what I did and look how happy I am now! 🙂 

Let me know how you feel about Sleek MakeUP and if you own anything from them! 

PS: I’m still running my Fashion Culture Box Giveaway, do click here to win yourself a box full of lovely accessories, and walk away a happy girl like me! 🙂

PPS: Have great beginning to March lovelies!



26 thoughts on “[Review] Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Au Naturel Palette

  1. I have the Au Naturel Palette as well and I love it! My favorite shade is mineral earth! I got mine from luxola but the palette arrived with a broken mirror! Huhu. They gave me a voucher with the same amount as the palette instead of replacing it which was okay me with. 🙂

  2. I am impressed by the good payoff and colour combos of Sleek. Their blushes aren’t bad at all from the swatches I’ve seen online.
    Worth considering as a dupe for some of the more expensive palettes about town. Good call on this – perhaps Naked isn’t necessary after all? Thanks for swatching, Shasha. Going to be thinking about this one…

  3. Okay, scrap the comment above. I saw this and felt like my life wasn’t complete and since they’re having 25% off today, I had to get the double palette set! And it worked out to only RM71! Steal!

  4. The packaging is really sleek(no puns intended) and pretty! Colors are pretty pigmented too.
    Luxola having 35% sale now! What are you waiting for, ladies?

  5. Among all i-Divine palette, this one’s what I love the most! I think it’s very sophisticated and is a perfect steal since it’s very wearable… I can imagine totally using it up

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