Beauty Box (Bag?) Review: Bag Of Love ; January Edition

I love you~

You love me~

We’re a happy family~

LOL, that’s the first song that came to my head as I was thinking of the Bag Of Love (BOL) today. Forgive my Barney-ness. Anyway, Happy March!

Gosh! Its already the 3rd month of the year, time just flies doesn’t it? Speaking of time, I know I’m reviewing the January BOL in March, but before you start sending the pitchforks out, lemme explain.

The Butterfly Project Team & The BOL team collaborated to pick 30 lucky ladies who have never reviewed the BOL before to review the January Bags ! How lucky na? 🙂 I would have never been able to review the BOL either way since I’m not subscribed to it,  so thank you Mimi (From BOL) & the awesome Butterfly Project SWAT team!

So shall we?

The concept of Bag of Love is similar to all the beauty box subscriptions out there, but instead of  a box that you will most likely throw out, you get a cute bag (the bag designs change every month) filled with all sorts of goodies.

I have stalked all their previous bags, and the bags are gorgeous! This is the January’s’ one! Its called the New Year, New You bag, to signify the new year, and the BOL aims to provide more items/brand/products for us to try out this year!

That strawberry is utterly adorable! And the bag is something I can definitely re-use as its made of sturdy canvas material.

January Bag of Love (5)

This is how I usually feel every time I get a package!


January Bag of Love (13)

The bag comes with 5 -6 items, some vouchers plus the BOL description leaflet.

#1: Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set 

The Wonder Pore set is a 7 in 1 total pore solution set that is supposed to balance your skins pH level, refine skin tone, keep the elasticity of pores, deep cleanse your pores, minimize pores, control sebum levels and moisturize the skin.

Personal Thoughts: I don’t have large pores (thankfully), so I don’t see myself using this, but I know someone who would really appreciate this! 😉 Etude House is a brand that I’ve never really explored due to the fact that most of their make-up products don’t suit my skin tone, but their skin care range is probably something that I need to look into. 

January Bag of Love (1)

The set comes with 3 items, The Wonder Pore Freshener (toner), the Aloe Soothing Gel, and the Wonder Pore Clay Clear mask.

January Bag of Love (7)

#2 Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo and Mousturizing Treatment

The first thing that struck me about these products is the scent. They have such a strong floral scent that is uhmazing! The moisturizing treatment is something that I’m very excited to try out 🙂

January Bag of Love (12)

#3 Alqivimia Body Sculptor Oil, Shape Reducer Body Oil & the Anti Cellulite Body Oil

High end stuff, yum! I actually own these oils already, and now I have more. 🙂  These oils are magic for anyone looking to shape up those muffin tops! They smell very herbal, and is such a lovely scent for massage oils.

January Bag of Love (3)

These are how big the glass vial are.

January Bag of Love (10)

#4 King Of Mask All in-One C0llagen Mask

I’ve already used this mask, and I tell you, it really does makes your skin feels extra moisturized after application, but I think I need a few more of this masks to get rid of all of my fine lines and puffiness.

January Bag of Love (6)

Thumbs-up for this mask!

January Bag of Love (4)

#5 Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect

*insert frown here* I don’t know about you girls, but I tend to have a tiny fit in my head every time I see a mens product in my beauty box/bag.

If I were to purchase a beauty bag for myself, I really don’t want to see guy stuff in it. If I wanted to get my boyf some products, I’ll subscribe to a mens bag, but since we don’t have a mens subscription bag here in Malaysia yet, I think the boyf will have to make do with the one or two items I get periodically from beauty bags.

The Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser promises cleansed & refreshed skin. Considering my boyf has absolutely perfect skin, but oily skin, (no kidding, he has better skin that I do like a baby’s bum, how unfair) I think he will appreciate a good cleanser to get rid of all that sebum.

January Bag of Love (11)

Finally, some RM 40 vouchers for me to shop at Mr Lens, and a RM30 voucher for Strip (the waxing service). Hmm. I have been putting off that wax I’ve been meaning to get, seems like a good time to get myself de-haired at Strip.

January Bag of Love (9)

All the goodies in the bag.

January Bag of Love (8)

If you’re looking to subscribe to The Bag of Love, their subscription is  one bag bi-monthly, which means every two months once only.  The subscription retails for RM39.90 ! (That’s really inexpensive )

They carry many brands from mass to luxury and local to international and you won’t know what items will be in the bags until you get it, so prepare yourself to be surprised!

Tell me what you think of the January bag! 🙂

Check them out at :

shashay (2)

And a big thanks to The Butterfly Project for making this review happen! *hugs and love*


PS: I still have my current giveaway running for a mystery Fashion Box! Click here to participate!



3 thoughts on “Beauty Box (Bag?) Review: Bag Of Love ; January Edition

  1. i do actually like the wonderpore from etude house! ahahah, i can see it doing great result for me, i guess you’re right, it’s weird to see men’s product in a girl’s beauty bag, but anything for the boyf!

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