Dove School of Skindulgence (S.O.S)

Welcome to the daily life of a regular woman in 2014.

She is an employee, sister, friend, mother, student, daughter, boss, manager, wife, girlfriend, you know the list.

She is constantly busy, either busy taking care of the people around her and at the same time busy juggling work/studies & chores.

Where does she find the time to relax, have some me-time and pamper herself? Taking a day out to the spa, going to gym consumes precious time, and money too.

Sounds familiar?

Well thankfully, Dove has recognized that women these days barely have the time & money to pamper themselves, and after speaking to 108 women aged 18-35,  they found out that women actually WANT that extra time to indulge themselves, and to participate in healthy activities.

DFW Logo - Narrow body

To start a whole new movement of well rested, healthy women, who are actively taking care of themselves, and nurturing themselves,  Dove  has launched their latest campaign and product, the SKINDULGENCE, Your Better Than Milk Routine. 

Their latest product, the New Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Technology, is proven to be better than milk  (read up for proof of this amazing fact) and all you need is Nutrium Moisture to deliver moisture and nourishment deeply to give your skin the pampering it needs.

But there has to be more to living a healthy, wholesome life than simply pampering your skin.

nutrium moisture

That is where the Skindulgence 21 day Campaign comes into place!

shashay (14)

According to Suhaila Abd Hamid, Brand Manager of Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd, “The Skindulgence 21 day campaign is to encourage women to love themselves, eat right, and stay active through simple no-hassle, no fuss, inexpensive activities that they can do at home for themselves,”.

The Campaign.

As per below, there are three pillars to this campaign, Eat Right, Stay Active & Love Yourself.


At the recent Dove School of Skindulgence launch,held at The Apartment, The Curve, I had a first hand look at the 3 pillars of the campaign. Upon registration, all the attendees were divided into 3 groups, A: The Kitchen, B: The Bathroom & C: The Garden.

I got the Bathroom! How naughty 😉

Pillar 1: Eat Right (The Kitchen)

The ladies had their hands busy preparing noodles and a healthy salad! I wish I could’ve had a bite of the food!

dove skindulgence  (11)

The kitchen before the mess, LOL!

dove skindulgence  (15)

Chency, Tammy & Inanie

shashay (7)

The dishes prepared that night. Looks yum right? Picture from

Pillar 2: Stay Active (The garden)

Basically what the girls did was some stretching exercises in the garden outside of The Apartment, but I didn’t get to see this 😦

Pillar 3: Love Yourself (The Bathroom)

dove skindulgence  (12)

The Bathroom was to test out Dove’s claim that their new body wash is better moisturizer than milk. I always thought milk was moisturizing (I read too much Cleopatra), however I was surprised since that wasn’t the truth!

dove skindulgence  (8)

First, the moisture levels are measured, before using Dove & milk.

On the left hand. we used milk, and on the right, Dove.

dove skindulgence  (6)


dove skindulgence  (1)

The hand that was washed with milk, moisture levels decreased from 40 plus % to 30 plus%. How surprising!

The hand washed with Dove increased from 40 something %, to 60 plus %.

dove skindulgence  (14)

The hand washed with Dove feels much softer, looks brighter, and is so moisturized!

Some snapshots from the event!

Me and and Azah Yazmin Yusof!
Do you recognize her? The host from 3R, my favourite show from long ago!

In case you guys were wondering, black dress :  Supre, and tribal necklace : Deeper Than Fashion

dove skindulgence  (9)

Suhaila (Brand Manager) & myself.

dove skindulgence  (2)


dove skindulgence  (3)

How can you participate in the 21 day challenge then?

Step 1: Log on to

shashay (1)

Step 2: Like the Page and click Find Out How.

shashay (2)

Step 3: Click on Register Now.

shashay (3)

Step 4: Fill out your details, recite the pledge, connect your Instagram account, enroll and start clicking away!

For 21 days, you have to post 21 pictures, meaning 1 picture a day, depicting one of the pillars, Eat Right, Stay Active & Love yourself. Don’t forget to hashtag your pictures with #eatright, #stayactive , #loveyourself & #skindulgence.

3 pillars x 7 pictures = 21 pictures

shashay (4)

And on top of posting all your pictures, if you post the best pictures, you will stand to win a trip to KRABI, THAILAND!! OMGG! 😀

Start posting your pictures ladies! Start taking more care of yourself, its okay to have some time alone to pamper yourself. 🙂 Have a quick jog, prepare a healthy meal, take a long bath with scented candles, whatever that tickles your fancy, and stay indulged!

Log on to for more info.

As for me , I’m going to enjoy some spa time with Dove.

dove skindulgence  (4)

shashay (6)



21 thoughts on “Dove School of Skindulgence (S.O.S)

  1. Whenever I see Dove ads, I still find it eerie that one of the models they got is a friend haha But anyway, about this story, I just have to say, yes. I think taking good care of the skin is a must and if it has to be something we educate people with, then be it. Not a lot of people take skincare as seriously as they should..

  2. hahaha! I just checked a blog that might have been at the same event! And Im jealous of you both! How awesome is that they even offered cooking classes! JEALOUS!

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