[Review] Reach for Beauty with Reacheer Skin Care

Hello awesomesauces!!

I spent the whole of yesterday watching the Oscars and obsessing over the gorgeous outfits & people, therefore a recap is in order. You can skip this part if you aren’t a fan of the Academy Awards, but seriously, not a fan of the Oscars? Get away from my blog now. I no friend you.

PS: All pictures not mine unless stated*

Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win the Oscars (again), wtf.  Seriously, somebody give this man an Oscar already!

oscars 2014 (3)
Jennifer Lawrence managed to fall (again) LOL! She really needs to lean to walk in heels!

oscars 2014 (2)
The best selfie in the world was taken by Ellen Degeneres. The star power is overwhelming.

oscars 2014 (4)
Photobombs galore! You gotta love Benedict Cumberbatch. 

oscars 2014 (1)

Oblivious Anne and wacky Jared Leto.

oscars 2014 (5)

We’re all caught up with the Oscars now, so moving on 🙂

I was received some products to review sometime back, and I finally got around to reviewing them. Silk Apple products come from a far away land called Taiwan, and they have just started to introduce their 3 main brands to the local Malaysian market which are Echisse, Ferrmina and Reacheer. At the moment, these brands are only available in the Silk Apple website.

I was quite interested in their Reacheer Skin Care products as they contain Sellaginella.
(Google its, you’ll find scholarly journals of its benefits)

I’ll review 3 products today, and I’ll review another 2 on the next blog post 🙂 And if you read very closely, you might find a giveaway installed.

#1: Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Cleanser (RM50, 120 ml)

reacheer (4)

Product Description: This gentle cleanser contains Herbal Selaginellae, Herbal Centellae and Gingko to cleanse your skin with smooth foam, nourish skin, and remove sallowness. 

Personal Thoughts: The first few things I noticed about the cleanser was the texture and scent.The cleanser smelt very fresh,yet it had this unique old school scent that I cant quite describe. The texture was thick & creamy, and after using the cleanser, my skin indeed does feel softer, as it claims. However, softer skin is the only thing I can vouch for as it did pretty much nothing else for my skin. I didn’t experience any breakouts, but I also couldn’t see any difference on my skin.

Repurchase? I don’t think so. I’ll stick to my Murad Cleanser even though it costs triple the price.

# 2 Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Vital lotion (RM88, 200 ml)

reacheer (3)

Product Description: This ultra charged moisture complex infuses skin with fresh and rich moisture. Formulated with Herbal Seleginellae and Herbal Centellae to help boost the synthesis of moisture, easy to absorb, leaving  soft and hydrated skin.

Personal Thoughts: You say lotion, I say toner. This is basically a moisture attracting toner, and it smells exactly like the afore mentioned cleanser.I pat in onto skin after cleansing but it takes a LONG time to sink in, as the texture isn’t like a toner(even though it is), its a tiny bit thicker than a toner, but less thick than a serum. Geddit? It  isn’t tacky, and dries off leaving a very supple feeling on the skin. Moisture boosting for the win? I agree!

Repurchase? I might, but the Hada Labo Lotion costs less, so I might not.

#3: Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Rich Cream ( RM107, 50 ml)

reacheer (6)

Product Description: This luxurious cream combines Herbal Seleginellae and Herbal Centellae to infuse skin with Ginseng, Amino Acids, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis and other herbal extracts to nourish skin, and helps to decrease fine lines and return skin to full elasticity. 

Personal thoughts: This is possibly my second favourite item in the Reacheer range (the favourite being their eye cream which I’ll review tomorrow). One thing about the Reacheer range is that all their skincare smells exactly the same which I like.  I have a tendency to layer on 6-7 things as part of my skincare routine, and to smell like 7 different things? LOL!

The cream is luxurious just like it says, it is super moisturizing and leaves very soft skin behind, BUT, it leaves skin a little oily too, so I would suggest using this cream at night, fight before bedtime.It takes a while for the cream to sink in, so I keep patting my skin and giving it a good massage until all the cream is absorbed in. I love this cream, really. I drag it down to my neck & decolletage area as well since I don’t have a neck cream at the moment.  Any good suggestions?

Am I repurchasing the Rich Cream? Of course!

I’ll leave you with these 3 items, and ill be back tomorrow with Part 2. Tell me what you think of the products, and if any of them interest you lot.

And I might have giveaway installed in Part 2, so keep a lookout for that post!

Oh and tell me what your favourite Oscar moment was!

For further information/research about Silk Apple, links below:


Website: silkapple.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silk-Apple-Cosmetics/1398996150311803



6 thoughts on “[Review] Reach for Beauty with Reacheer Skin Care

  1. I’ve never used a neck cream before since I always use my cleansers, toners, moisturisers, masques, etc. all the way down my neck as well. I don’t think one is specifically necessary, but if you’re so inclined, I hear Clarins does a good one.

  2. Never heard of Reacherr.. is that the right spelling? But I loved,loved the pictures from the Oscars… was literally ROFL when I saw Jennifer on the floor….poor girl but made for good humour 😛 >>Thanks for making my day Shasha !!!

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