[Part 2] Still Reaching for Beauty with Reacheer

Hello awesomesauces!

I’m back again with Part 2 of Reacheer Skin Care, and the last two items I have for you guys is the Eye Cream & Emulsion, so imma jump in to the review now 🙂 

You can read Part 1 here.

PLUS, do scroll down right to the bottom, as there will be a giveaway installed for you lucky readers!

#4 Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Vital Emulsion (Rm88, 100 ml)

reacheer (2)

Product Description: This fresh & light texture contains Herbal Sellaginellae & Herbal Centellae to create a natural barrier with Gingko, Shea Butter, Capsicum Fruitescens and other herbal extracts to boost the synthesis of hydration. It maintains the ideal level of moisture, brightens & smoothens skin.

Personal thoughts: The emulsion is basically a moisturizer, and comes in a handy pump. One pump is more than enough to cover the whole face area and a quick massage & patting is all you need to get this baby to absorb. The scent of the product is typical Reacheer scent, fresh yet herbally, and the cream absorbs in a jiffy! It doesn’t leave a tacky feeling, but it is slightly oily. Personally I don’t mind, since I have super dry skin, I’ll take all the oil I can get, but for people with already existing oily skin, you may not want to use this.

The emulsion didn’t break me out, and the only difference I could tell was that my skin was more moisturized than usual. I cant vouch for smoothing out fine lines and all that seeing as I don’t have any (for now), but it does keel skin soft and hydrated all day, which is what it promises anyway.

Repurchasing? Maybe not, seeing as I have tonnes of moisturizers I have yet to test out sitting on my vanity.

#5 Herbal Selaginellae Hydrating Eye Cream ( RM89, 15ml)

reacheer (7)

Product Description: This fresh & light texture contains Herbal Sellaginellae to infuse the eye area with rich moisture, & decrease fine lines. The special roller-ball helps to improve circulation, refresh puffy eyes and brighten eyes.

reacheer (5)

Personal Thoughts:  I like the roller ball idea of the eye cream, since the cool metal feeling does seem to reduce puffiness under the eyes. The product smells fresh, and a little herbal too! The eye cream has a very light texture, much like a serum, and isn’t too heavy ( I know many of you are worried about milia & all that from extra heavy eye creams). The eye creams is absorbed super quickly after massaging my under eye area for about 1-2 minutes and I tell you, this is my favourite product of the Reacheer lot!

After using the the cream for about 2 weeks now, my dark circles are still there ( no amount of eye cream can cure that genetic issue), but my eyes are less puffy, and I look more awake than usual. For those of you who know me personally, you know I look half asleep most of the time, lol!

Repurchasing? Oh yes!

And I mentioned a giveaway in the previous post didn’t I?

I actually have an eye-shadow quad from Silk Apple waiting for an owner,  anyone interested? =D

reacheer (1)

Rafflecopter link in blue down here! Giveaway is international and ends on the 20th of March 2014.

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For further information/research about Silk Apple, links below:


Website: silkapple.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silk-Apple-Cosmetics/1398996150311803



19 thoughts on “[Part 2] Still Reaching for Beauty with Reacheer

  1. These look great! I really wanna try the eye cream with ball…Ive seen many brand have it, but still have to check it out 😀


  2. I like the look of the eye roller and the emulsion (even though it might be too oily for my skin). Sweetie, do you think you can post the ingredient lists? A perusal is a must before buying hahaha

  3. I wish I could try the emulsion and eye cream! I have combination skin with really dry areas so that emulsion sounds like a dream for me to use.

  4. I know the feeling of having too many stuff to try haha. I like the sound of emulsion and I prefer them sometimes due to its lightweight consistency. That eye product looks interesting and love the applicator.


  5. Trust me, I’ve got the piles and piles of the new stuff to try it on and I can relate how exciting it is to try too many thing at times 😀 I’d love to try out the eye cream for sure c

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