[Review] The Lilac Box 6

Hey there you awesomesauce people!!

Anyone here love receiving stuff in the mail? That sheer excitement of signing for the package and opening it up to reveal its bountiful treasure of contents. OMG yes!

And if the package is from The Lilac Box, the excitement is even larger which deserves its own crazy happy dance like our friend Rapunzel here. 🙂


I haven’t reviewed a Lilac Box before, so a bit of background about them kay?

The Lilac Box (TLB) is run by three amazing guys, who curate hand-picked premium beauty products from luxury brands. Their beauty subscription box doesn’t run monthly like most subscriptions, but more like a few months once, after they have managed to secure premium samples and brands for us to try. It makes sense to me, because I’d rather receive awesome stuff a few months once than substandard samples every month.

Either way, they have only released 6 boxes so far, with special edition boxes in between those 6 boxes. Special edition ones usually cost more (normal Lilac Boxes cost RM49.90), and are brand specific. ( box full of products from one specific brand)

Jumping into the review now!

Now I received the box about 2 weeks back, so I’ve used up some of the products , so I’ll do a mini review for the ones I’ve tried out.

TLB 6 comes in a plain black box, with a ribbon on it. I love the fact that the box is plain, which gives all the more attention to the products in the box. And re-gifting this box is a pleasure without worrying about logos,symbols and stuff. (how descriptive of me)


A quick note from the guys at TLB.

The Lilac Box 6 (4)

Le Un-Masking.
We’ve got, one, two, three, oohh 7 items in here!

The Lilac Box 6 (8)

Now I’ve read 2 reviews of this box, one from Arpita, and one from Shop Girl. Now Arpita wasn’t too happy about the box, and I agree with some of her points. Shop Girl was very pleased with the box, and had quite nice things to say about Box 6 🙂

A quick glance of the box tells me I already dislike the 5ml samples from Algotherm. Seriously, if a company wants me to try products from their brand and repurchase , why would you give out samples that last 2 days? How can anyone make a judgement based on a 2-day trial, and this is skin-care no less.

I see a mens shampoo in there and I’m already frowning in annoyance. I have said this before, and I will say it again, no mens products in my beauty boxes. If I want mens products, I will subscribe to a mens beauty box. 😦 Anyway, the boyf is a lucky guy. Thankfully he appreciates the occasional products that I supply him with.

The first thing I picked out to try was the Balmain Eau D’Ivoire (2ml) sample perfume. This I appreciate in its tiny proportions, since I switch my scents up quite a bit, and I’m not so loyal to my perfumes. This sample bottle will last me at least 3-4 days of use. As you can see, I have used up half of it.

The scent is very floral, feminine, soft, light,and has that slight powdery scent which I love so much. Its basically a date night perfume. I was wearing this during my weekend out with Le Boyf and he did casually comment that I smelt lovely, so its an A+ in my books 🙂

The Lilac Box 6 (9)

The next item we have is the Kerastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm (75ml) which is a masque to relieve and calm your head down, LOL! But really, its supposed to calm your scalp, and rarely have I seen masques targeted for scalps.I haven’t tested this out yet, since I’m on a hair product ban at the moment, but I can tell you that it smells absolutely fresh and pepper-minty.

The Lilac Box 6 (6)

The next item is also from Kerastase, but for Le Homme. Hmphhh!

Meet the Kerastase Homme Capital Force Daily Treatment Shampoo (80ml). I passed this on to Le Boyf and he mentioned that it smelt really nice and that he likes the packaging. That’s a first. I like the packaging too, which is why I just had to take a picture of the product under some sunlight. Love the way the light reflects and shines out.  Other than I cant say much, will update if Le Boyf loves it or hates it.

The sample is quite generous, and should last a good 2 weeks.

The Lilac Box 6 (5)

Another item we have is the Kniepp Almond Blossom Body Oil (20ml). I think the Kniepp products also caused some displeasure to TLB’s fans as everyone  received varying samples, and since most of Kniepp products are bath products (and a lot of us dont have baths in Malaysia, only showers, FYI), many of them were quite annoyed about it.

Personally, if I received the bath products, what I’ll do is save them up till I go to a fancy hotel with a bath, like what I do with my Lush Bath Bombs.

I actually really love the Almond Blossom Body Oil, its smells so floral, yet has a slight earthy scent to it. I’m rubbish at describing scents, so go and smell this product when you see a Kniepp counter. Its a body oil you use after showering, and it makes your skin feel super smooth and moisturized. I love this so much I think I might repurchase a full sized one once this runs out!

The Lilac Box 6 (2)

Another annoyance I have is obviously this 5ml samples from Algotherm. Behold the Gel Moussant Nettoyant Clarte & Fluide Jeunesse Clarte. I haven’t touched these yet, and I think I wont. I love a good anti ageing product myself, but too bad, I’m giving Algotherm a pass this time. Anyone who wants these samples let me know,I’ll gladly pass them on to someone who actually wants them.

The Lilac Box 6 (7)

And lastly, we have the StriVectin Photo-White Night Cream ( 7ml). I’ve used up quite a bit of it as you can see, and I kind of like it. The cream has a slight clinical scent to it, but lathers on to skin like silk ( I KID YOU NOT), and makes my skin feel amazing the next morning. Its called Photo-White, but it is not a whitening cream ladies. I personally despise anything that claims to whiten skin, as I am finally in a good place with my skin tone, and embracing all things brown. 😉

The Night Cream also contains Vitamin C Complex in it, so you know this is good stuff.

The Lilac Box 6 (1)

Final thoughts: Out of the 7 items in the box, I adore 4 of them and the other 3, meh. I would say this isn’t Lilac Box’s best box, but it isn’t a a bad purchase since I spent about RM50 for all these amazing products, and they would have cost a bomb if I were to have got them separately. But no, I wont be doing a crazy happy dance for Box 6.

My feelings summed up?


Lilac Box, you can do much better! 🙂

I remember Paris B saying that beauty boxes are great if you’re a beginner and starting to learn about make-up, skincare and all that stuff, but if you’re slightly more advance, you might not find beauty boxes so exciting. I agree. I still look forward to discovering new brands, as I have in TLB 6, but as I get more advance so to speak, I might not find beauty boxes so thrilling anymore. 

What do you think of Box 6? Loved it, feeling meh about it, sheer dislike ? Also tell me what you think about beauty boxes in general, is it something you will continue to subscribe to (if you already are), if not, will you?

Have a peek at The Lilac Box at their FB Page and Website.

FB : https://www.facebook.com/thelilacbox
Website: thelilacbox.com



6 thoughts on “[Review] The Lilac Box 6

  1. Enjoyed reading your review of TLB6, Shasha. It was a fair and valid assessment of the latest Lilac Box.
    I personally liked my TLB6 because in the world of beauty boxes there have been some real shockers out there – I am including this in reference to some of the international boxes as well. I really do think the Malaysian boxes are some of the best available on the market – we see a lot of great international brands in our boxes for a very fair price.
    This box was very decent for the RM50 paid and had me covered from top-to-toe but my all-time favourite Lilac Boxes are the TLB5 and their Cult Box.
    I was surprised that the StriVectin products also varied among boxes but I’m happy with my serum. On the other hand, I was looking twice at your Kneipp Almond Blossom Oil which does sound amazing. Bath tub issues aside, methinks the Kneipp range deserves a further look in, don’t you think?

  2. I rarely subscribe to beauty boxes now =S. I think that the stuff just keeps repeating over and over again. Good post though! And yes, because of me, you will buy more makeup!

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