Frank Fridays with Shashay #1

I’ve been mulling over whether I should do a forum based post  for a while now, where I can just talk to my readers, you can ask me questions and I’ll be Aunt Agony and answer them for you.  What do you think? It can be about anything, beauty, fashion,  random blogging questions and enquiries,  or if you’re nosy and want to know more about me, then by all means ask! 😀

I’m not entirely sure if anyone will be interested in having a chat with me, but hey, I’ll give it a go! No regrets in life, just experiences right! 😆

So I’ve came up with Frank Fridays, where we can have a nice cup of coffee, sit, talk and chat about all those pesky questions we have at the back of our head, well  frankly LOL!

My question for the day?

What was your ultimate spending regret when it comes to beauty? Something that was hyped up very much, but failed to meet your expectation? Did it cost you an arm and a leg and now you regret selling off those arms? Or a cult favourite that didn’t quite land in your list of must haves? 😥

I do quite a bit of research before purchasing anything, so I can count my regrets on one hand but I would reckon mine was the Nars Orgasm Blush since it definitely did not give me that post coital flush, but merely seemed to wash out my skin. I cant seem to find much negative reviews about the Orgasm Blush, so I guess I’m all by myself in this. Anyone else who doesn’t fancy it as well? Tell me I’m not alone. It didn’t cost me a bomb, but I certainly did regret buying it.

Flynn here agrees with me too.


Let me know what your answers are and if you have any questions you want me to answer, drop them in the comments, and i’ll see you next Friday!



29 thoughts on “Frank Fridays with Shashay #1

  1. What a cool idea, Shasha. I like!
    Hmmm…I have to say that I regret buying a Stila foundation in a shade that was too light because once I tanned (and I tan easily) it wasn’t wearable anymore and I had to give it away. Finding the perfect foundation shade is getting Holy Grail epic for me. For me, bases are still the most difficult item of makeup to connect with. I can’t even get it right in the stores with the help of an MUA/ BA so I never buy it online.

    My sensitive skin doesn’t do well with skincare even the very high-end branded ones so full sizes are never wise. I’m so glad there are more samples and sample boxes available now on the Malaysian market so that I don’t have to commit so much money to a trial.
    As for the NARS Orgasm, I love a good blush but I don’t believe that there is a one shade that suits everyone so I’ve been a bit hesitant about dropping money on this. I’ll need to swatch it first.
    Next stop, the NARS store…

    • HI ShopGirl! I love reading your comments you know that? every-time i see a notification from you, I go, ooh ShopGirl commented, lets see what she says! I agree with you, foundation is probably the hardest thing to get right, and if I ever find mine, I’ll buy 10 bottles and stock it up for life..! wont you? 🙂
      Beauty boxes are great that way, but the problem is, when you like half the things in a box and want to repurchase them in full size, say bye bye to your money! And for Nars Orgasm, I gave it away to a girl who seemed to appreciate it wayy more than me, but I need to find a good blush soon!
      We really should meet up someday and talk shop, but considering how elusive you are, I don’t when that would be LOL!

      • Aw, *blushes* …you sure know how to make an old Shop Girl blush! I won’t need a NARS Orgasm either now. Talk shop? Yes, yes…but you’ll have to catch me first…
        Apparently, I need to be lured out with lamb according to a certain SHOPAHOLIC lol
        But I think I’m more partial to a good blush actually!

  2. I like your frank fridays already! I reckon my ultimate regret when it comes to shopping for beauty is my tendency to hoard more than I use… especially perfumes and lipbalms. I have some for at least 3-5 years that has yet to be opened from its packaging! There was a point of time I had so many perfumes, I had to sell them before they start smelling weird and that was the most painful moment for me because I love them all so so much 😦

    • Hi Alene! Thank you for joining the Frank Friday discussions =D Ahh hoarding, the one thing all beauty lovers are guilty of! Including me! (I hoard eyeliners btw) Oh wow, you really should start using up those perfumes, and considering you love them so much, its such a waste to sell them off! ;( Maybe start a project clean up, whereby you use 5 items till they hit pan? ANd if you ever start selling your perfumes off, lemme know, i have a weakness for sweet scents =D

      See you next Friday hun!!

  3. I agree with you! I don’t see what all the hype is about the Nars Orgasm blush. When i swatched it on my hand, i could only see gold flecks and no other colour. So i gave it a skip!

    Btw, cool blog babe! 🙂 Just followed you on Bloglovin’


    • Hey Priya! Tell me about it, when I swatched it, it looked kind of okay in the nice NARS lighting and everything but in real life, ugh.. What a disappointment. 😦

      Naww thanks hun! =D Cant seem to find a way to follow your blog when I was checking it out yesterday, hence I followed on Bloglovin =D I see that you’re a big MAC lippie fan, join the club!!

  4. I once bought a product for eye bags called eyesential whcih did absolutely nothing for me. I also tried Touche Eclait which for some reason caused my skin to become dry and dehydrated despite how good everyone else says how good it is.

  5. I used to have many a shopping regret when I was younger…so many that you’d fall asleep half way thru if i did attempt to list it down.. but glad to say, with age does come wisdom 😛 and touch wood, i’ve become quite the savvy shopper and have not been disappointed much duly.

    But what i really came to say is that I love the idea of Frank Fridays… there is great merit in doing an ‘agony aunt’ kinda post and I’m looking forward to reading all the comments come Friday. Great idea Shasha!!!!

  6. Frank Fridays is a brilliant idea!!! i like it!

    hmm.. i cant remember regret buying beauty products.. but i regret buying some cheap shoes from the bazaar.. after 2nd time of using it, gosh it was ruined already.. haha

  7. Hmm.. I am very picky when it comes to beauty products. I won’t buy things unless I’ve seen it from a friend or someone else. And I don’t spend an arm and a leg with those so I guess not really. But it is annoying though when you come to realize that a product you bought just does not live up to your expectations.. love from gig!

  8. Hmm this is a hard question because I have had a lot products in the past I rushed out and bought without much research or thought and then realised they are not for me. Products I regret buying: YSL Touche Eclat – it’s not terrible but it just wasn’t amazing for the price, Maybelline The Rocket Mascara – I hated this, it was so hard to take off and didn’t really do much for me and setting spray (I’ve tried a few; MAC, Urban Decay, Model in a Bottle) never really keeps my makeup last!

  9. Oh Girl! I don’t want to even get started on that ❤ bad memeories, you see! bad bad memories 😛 It's better to not think of those adventures 😀 I am very impulsive by nature and sometimes I do things, well , which I should not do , lets say 🙂 I hope you get my drift! I don't want to really go through that again as they give me headaches and the worst thing is that I know I would do such things again! So, no regrets :))

  10. Frank Friday?? It’s sucha cool idea ❤ I'm so up for getting my hands on Beauty Blender , The Balm Blushers and Nars Orgasm Cream Illuminator. And I'd invested in Sigma Beauty Brushes and it did cost me arm and leg but no regrets 😀 Im so happy with my purchase 😀

  11. This is a great idea! I should think of something for my blog too. lol
    Ultimate spending regret? It has to be the “a cult favourite that didn’t quite land in your list of must haves”. It sucks when something that works great on almost everyone doesn’t seem to work on you. Especially those expensive skin care products. orz That’s why I try samples first before purchasing.

  12. i hate buying the thing that dont work on my skin when I expect it does the job..or when everyone hype about it but it just don’t work for me…..gasp and I end up giving it away…but when the item is expensive i’ll get a little heartache…’s jus pain to even recalling it!! for now my most regret item is browzing frm benefit bcos i think my shu uemura eye brow pencil do a better job!

  13. I am not really into cosmetics, so I didn’t have the urge to always buy products on a whim. I do like skin care though. I bought a lot of products from SK II which really cost a lot for me. Lucky they all turned out to be effective.

  14. Now thats an interesting feature. I think you should totally go ahead with it as I’m sure you will give sound advice as an agony aunty!
    Coming to the question. For me it has to be Benefit That Gal Primer. Though I did not have to cut off a limb to buy it but it did nothing about brightening my complexion,pores or staying power of makeup. An absolute dud!

    Hugs N Kisses
    ♥ Heart Bows Makeup ♥

  15. lol, great idea! I dedicated one day a week “truth Tuesday” to getting stuff off my shoulders…but haven’t done it in a year or more! thanks for reminding me, I will probably start again 😀

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